Super J Cup 2009 – Part 2 Review 23/12/2009 including Spoilers By Shaun Nichols

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

The quarter finals were generally speaking very quick affairs. The first lasted just over eight minutes featuring YAMATO going against the veteran Gedo. Gedo in a lot of ways is like an earlier prototype of the way YAMATO. Gedo made a quick start by dropkicking his rival as soon as YAMATO entered the ring. From there he kept the majority of the match in his control with kicks, knee locks and generally just kept YAMATO grounded. YAMATO eventually fought his way back into it and prevailed by trapping Gedo with a sleeper for the submission victory. Pretty standard fare. Danshoku Dino was out next and basically did the same routine as he did on the first nigt. He did get a fair amount of offence against Devitt with all of it being aimed at basically the Irish man’s crotch. Devitt sent him on his way with a double stomp to Dino’s crotch from the top rope for the pinfall in just over five minutes. The best of the quarter finals was the battle between the NJPW representatives, this was due to them being given the most time and also because Kanemoto is still a fantastic worker. When Kanemoto is on form he is excellent to watch and he was usually well organised self. Taguchi played the underdog role well as he slowly but surely started to take control and eventually forced Kanemoto to tap after surviving the ankle lock himself. The final quarter saw Marufuji advance in a decidely average contest against Osaka Pro’s Tigers Mask. Finish saw Marufuji use a German suplex into a bridge for the pinfall which looked to have been bodged. This was probably the worst match I’ve seen Marufuji have. Semi finals were given a little bit longer and the first of these proved to be a very entertaining see-saw battle between YAMATO and crowd favourite Devitt. This was all action and was in a lot of ways similar to Devitt’s first round victory over Aoki. Throughout the match the wrestlers then released their big moves and the final three or four minutes were really very good. Marufuji’s semi final win over Taguchi could not compare with the first. Again it was very average and it would be easy to believe that Marufuji was just having one of those days when it just would not click for him. Before the final we had an 8 man tag featuring the losers from the first night’s matches. The heel team were at an immediate disadvantage as Jado and Aoki decided that they couldn’t work together stemming from the fact that Jado wrestles for NJPW and Aoki for NOAH. Story of the match was Taichi again was playing the young babyface in peril, Ibushi was doing dives all over the place and Hayato made sure that he made another strong impression in the brief time he featured. AKIRA picked up the win over Jado with a cradle when Jado was distracted after arguing again with Aoki. This brings us to the final and what an awesome and fitting final this proved to be, Marufuji it seemed had saved all his best moments for this match and it was well worth the wait. There was simply too many great moves and spots to go over, but there was a particular spot where Devitt is standing outside the ring and Marufuji runs and jumps over the top rope and nails Devitt with a dropkick. This is something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen Marufuji do before but is one of those moves where you went to rewind it and check that you have actually seen what you think saw. Devitt came agonisingly close to victory when he nailed Marufuji with his DDT. A couple of minutes later Devitt was caught by the pole shift and Marufuji celebrated his second Super J Cup victory. Overall the 2009 version may not quite reach the heady heights of 1994 and 1995 but it is still a very good tournament. Kanemoto vs. Jr Hayato and Marufuji vs. Devitt were arguably two of the top ten matches of 2009 anywhere in the world. Devitt vs. Aoki was also excellent, the matches that were not very good generally were not given a lot of time and therefore did not outstay its welcome. Only three matches in total were given more than 15 minutes which were the final, 8 man tag and Liger vs. Marufuji. In conclusion I would easily recommend picking up this event if you were fan of the earlier SJC events or a fan of juniors action in general.

Quarter Finals

YAMATO vs. Gedo **1/2
Prince Devitt vs. Danshoku Dino *1/2
Koji Kanemoto vs. Ryusuke Taguchi ***1/4
Tigers Mask vs. Naomichi Marufuji **

 Semi Finals

YAMATO vs. Prince Devitt ***1/2
Naomichi Marufuji vs. Ryusuke Taguchi **3/4
8 Man Tag Match Jushin Liger, AKIRA, Kota Ibushi & Taichi vs. Jado, Fujita ‘Jr’ Hayato, Atsushi Aoki & GENTARO ***1/2


Naomichi Marufuji vs. Prince Devitt ****3/4


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