WLH’s Japan Compliation 2010 Review By Shaun Nichols

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

WLH’s Japan Compliation 2010

The latest WLH compilation starts with a NOAH Jr tag match in August 2008 pitting ROH standouts Danielson and Richards against Kensuke Sasaki’s protege Nakajima and the high flying Kota Ibushi. If it was ROH booking this it would be given about 25 minutes and would have been raved about. As it is it’s given 10 minutes and is pretty specific in what it wants to achieve. The US stars spend the first half of the match dominating Ibushi who turns things around with an awesome double huracanrana which allows Nakajima into the match. From there on in its pretty much Nakajima’s show with Davey getting in the odd bit of offence but in the end getting the short end of it and taking the loss. Handshakes and respect were the order of the day. We then head off to DDT’s biggest show of 2010 in front of nearly 9000 fans, the story complete with pre-match build up is HARASHIMA trying to regain the title against the larger champion Sekimoto. The match builds as you would expect with the challenger being dominated for large parts making comebacks and then Sekimoto cuts him off and we continue on. HARASHIMA hits a great reverse huracanrana on the ramp to turn the tide. Fans really got into this especially in the closing minutes and the change of champion made up somewhat of the disappointment of DDT not being able to showcase the dream match of Ibushi vs. Marufuji.
MPW’s battle between Tiger Mask IV and Shinzaki is basically a slow and plodding 10 minute affair that deservedly gets very little crowd reaction. Moving back into 2010 at the BOSJ we have a re-match from the classic SJC 2009 between Kanemoto vs. Hayato, this in a lot of ways was very similar to that encounter. This time for whatever reason didn’t quite click in the same way but again is a very hard hitting and entertaining match with Kanemoto again going over via submission with the ankle lock. NJPW legends Keiji Muto and Masa Chono  battle in a crowd pleasing affair which ticks off all the usual moves. As Shinzaki’s involved we also get the top rope walking spot as well as the big Yakuza kick, Shining Wizard and figure four leglock. Just bear in mind that this isn’t the early 1990’s.
Far and away the best match on the DVD is Koji Kanemoto challenging for the IWGP Jr title against NOAH’s Marufuji from March 2010, this match as great heat as the fans are desperate to see Kanemoto reclaim the belt for NJPW. The match swings one way and then the other with Kanemoto basically kicking the hell out of the champ. Marufuji retaliates with such moves as a running dropkick from floor while Kanemoto is hanging over the middle rope. There is a great spot where Marufuji is in the tree of woe and Kanemoto throws the ref out of the ring. He then calmly sits in front of Marufuji and then starts slapping the hell out of him. Match goes over thirty minutes and will definately be under consideration for match of the year. Final ten minutes are insanely good but much to the fans horror its Marufuji who is yet again triumphant after hitting the pole shift. Standards obviously fall as we head back to the BOSJ tournament to see Davey Richards in full prick mode against Prince Devitt. As it is in the group stages match gets the typical 10 minutes timeslot, Devitt hits the one major rolling dive over the top sending both men into the third row. Richards is exactly what you would expect full of stiff kicks and a great mat wrestling but it was the Prince that picked up the valuable 2 points to help him advance to the semi finals after nailing the vertical drop DDT. Our final destination is Antonio Inoki’s IGF 11th show from February 2010 where Ultimo Dragon battled TJ Perkins, where Perkins is wrestling as the heel. Despite Dragon’s advancing years is still very good with his kicks and his mat reversals so kept outsmarting his younger rivals. A battle on the outside enabled TJ to take control for several minutes but to be fair not many in the crowd expected Dragon to lose. After attempting the La Magistral cradle on a number of occasions Dragon then swapped his attention for the reverse floating DDT and the three count.
The compliation as a number of entertaining matches but Kanemoto vs. Marufuji is the big reason to see this DVD. If you do you will be very pleased that you did.

Bryan Danielson & Davey Richards vs. Kensuhiko Nakajima & Kota Ibushi  ***1/4
Daisuke Sekimoto vs. HARASHIMA  ***3/4
Tiger Mask IV vs. Jensei Shinzaki   *3/4
Koji Kanemoto vs. Fujita ‘Jr’ Hayato  ***3/4
Keiji Muto & Jensei Shinzaki vs. Masa Chono & ?  **1/2
Noamichi Marufuji vs. Koji Kanemoto  ****3/4
Prince Devitt vs. Davey Richards  ***1/2
Ultimo Dragon vs. TJP  ***1/2


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