PWG Steen Wolf Review by Jerome Cusson

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Once again, thanks to Jerome Cusson of for providing this great DVD review, check out his site for all that is good in independent wrestling.

Taped from Reseda, CA

-Your hosts are Excalibur and his band of friends

-Peter Avalon, Freddy Bravo, and Ray Rosas vs. Famous B, Chris Kadillak, and Candice LaRae

Match in Five Words or Less: New Blood Rising

Match Highlights:  I know two of the six people involved. Hey, a new ring announcer. He sounds like Justin Roberts. Famous B and Rosas start things off. Feeling out process as all the newbies get to showcase themselves. LaRae has a violence party in the corner on Avalon. Flair flip for two. Rosas calls LaRae a very mean name. Sunset flip on Rosas for two. He pulls her down by the hair. Heat segment on LaRae. Avalon, Rosas, and Bravo show off some fun heel work. LaRae out of a suplex. Famous B hits leg lariats on everyone. Good gravy. LaRae hits a tope DDT! OLE! Rosas hits a backbreaker to prevent him from diving. Kadillak hits a pele kick. Twisting back elbow to the floor. Well that was reckless. Rosas takes a turn diving. Famous B is the only one left, so he hits a flying moonsault press. Leg kicks on Bravo. Bicycle knee. Famous B hits yet another leg lariat. Rosas comes from behind with  a DDT. Avalon with a flatliner. He charges into his own partner. Kadillak and LaRae make things awkward. SHOOTING STAR CANNONBALL FROM KADILLAK. He swings him around and hits a knee. Bravo hits a running knee to break the count. Double team headscissors. Spear by Rosas. Famous B is crotched on the top rope. LaRae hits a ballplex on Rosas and Bravo. Enziguri by Avalon. LaRae finally hits her ballplex on Avalon. Famous B with a swanton. Kadillak hits a frog splash to pick up the win for his team.

Match Analysis: Clearly, PWG knows what they’re doing when they bring in new people. Everyone got to showcase themselves in this six man tag. Rosas and Bravo could be a good undercard heel tag team to start. Famous B and Kadillak have a lot of high-flying skill to them. I certainly hope Kadillak tones it down a little bit because he got a little reckless during this match. Still a great showcase for everyone involved.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating: Famous B, Chris Kadillak, and Candice LaRae/11:49/***1/4

-Rocky Romero vs. TJ Perkins

Match in Five Words or Less:  Solid But Forgettable

Match Highlights:  These two began training some 12 years ago and are finally meeting one-on-one in a PWG ring. Mat work to start. Romero pulls his hand back and spits in Perkins’s face. Into the buckle and some strikes. Whip in the corner. Rick Knox sent into the corner. Perkins hits a crossbody on Romero AND Knox. Romero grabs Knox on a sunset flip attempt. He knocks them away. Perkins applies a Boston crab before grabbing his arms. Into an STF. Tree of Joey Lawrence. Romero ducks out of the ring to avoid a dropkick. Perkins hits an elbow suicida nonetheless. Dropkick in the corner. Bodyslam. Springboard misses. Uppercut. Drop toehold and dropkick from Romero. Romero places Perkins’ knee across the middle rope. Kneebreaker and spinning toehold. Perkins tries countering out, but Romero turns that into a Trailer Hitch. Perkins grabs the bottom rope. Chinlock with some shenanigans. Elbows by Perkins. Knee from Romero. Knee drop by Romero. Gory Special. Perkins hits an armdrag. Both men lock into the ropes. Perkins exits first. Romero ducks a dive. Perkins hits a springboard dropkick. Clotheslines. Slaps and a leg kick. High right kick. Romero rolls him over. Dropkick by Perkins. Into the corner. Perkins counters into an ankle lock. Romero rolls Perkins over and gets two. Enziguri misses. He catches Perkins on the rebound. Perkins whipped in the corner. Swinging DDT gets two. Hard kicks to the chest. Perkins responds with strikes. Superkick from Perkins. He sits down in a Ligerbomb. Immediately up for a jawbreaker on the knees. 1-2-Romero sort of gets his shoulder up, but Knox doesn’t react very quickly. I wonder if Romero knocked himself out. Bodyslam. 450 splash misses. Charging knee to the face. 1-2-NO!  Whip in the corner. Perkins goes for a cross armbreaker. Romero reverses into an ankle lock. Perkins reverses int0 a sharpshooter, and Romero has no choice but to tap.

Match Analysis: This match felt like a representation of both these guys’ careers, solid but missing that extra something to make it feel extra special. Not much flow or psychology involved. Very solid execution of moves. I’m stuck for words when trying to talk about this match, so I’ll move on.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating:  TJ Perkins/13:31/***

-RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma and Johnny Goodtime) vs. Fightin’ Taylor Boys (Ryan Taylor and Brian Cage-Taylor w/Chuck Taylor)

Match in Five Words or Less:  *Excalibur Primal Scream*

Match Highlights:  The Taylor boys are reunited altogether for the first time in a while! Crowd is actually split between these two teams. Immediate discus lariat misses. Headscissors and dropkick from Goodtime. Hard punch takes him down. Chop along the ropes. Hip toss into a backbreaker from Cage-Taylor. Goodtime hits a very innovative backbreaker on Ryan as Brian is underneath. Yuma in against Ryan. O’Connor roll attempt fails. Slap by Yuma. Series of them but a kick to the midsection sends him down. Chucky T is on the apron and wanting to interfere. Double team from the RockNES Monsters. Chucky comes into complain. Goodtime is tossed off the top rope by Ryan. That looked nasty. Sweet double teams as they work over Goodtime. Leg kicks. Cage-Taylor powerbombs him on his knee. Goodtime lifts Ryan with his legs and drops him on his head in a pseudo sunset flip. That’s definitely new. Goodtime enters as a house of fire. Headscissors takes Ryan out. Crossbody takes both men out. Stage dive to the floor. Remarkable. Cage-Taylor holds Yuma’s legs. He goes for a powerbomb. Ryan kicks Yuma. Cage-Taylor powerbombs Yuma into the chairs. Goodtime recovers and hits back-to-back dives on each side of the ring. Goodtime tosses Yuma back in the ring. Ryan puts Goodtime on his shoulders. Goodtime ranas Cage –Taylor into the apron. Cage-Taylor hits a release German into the chairs. Yuma hit a swinging DDT in here somewhere. Cage-Taylor drives Yuma into the mat. Goodtime quickly comes back. Ryan accidentally spears his own partner. Stomp to Cage-Taylor’s head. Yuma covers for two. Goodtime splashes into Cage-Taylor’s knees. Cage-Taylor kicks his partner and Goodtime over into a Canadian Destroyer. That was ridiculous. Yuma breaks the count. Ryan kicks his oen partner. Stunner. Sex Factor. Yuma misses a charge. Ryan launches him to the top rope. Kick. BITHYCLE KICK! Goodtime rolls Ryan up and finally gets the victory for his team.

Match Analysis: I’m not even sure what this was. There were some insane moves done in this match. RockNES Monsters are turning into two of the best performers in all of PWG. Ryan and Brian are also two guys to watch for in the future. I’d almost prefer these guys as singles wrestlers, but I also want to see these guys get consistent opportunities. This was a great showcase of the locals, and I can only hope we see these two teams in a future tag team title match.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating: RockNES Monsters/12:13/***1/2

Willie Mack vs. Davey Richards

Match in Five Words or Less: No Sell

Match Highlights:  Code of Honor followed. Into an ankle lock right away but Mack reaches the bottom rope. Test of strength. Mack bridges him down. Richards quickly counters. Waistlock but Mack sweeps his leg. Up high for an armdrag. Running kick. Dive misses and he lands on his leg. Running kick blocked. Mack sweeps him down on the apron. Forearm exchange on the floor. Mack uses the bottom for momentum and hits one final forearm. Mack is laid across the top rope. Big kick from Davey. That bottom rope looks awfully loose. Hard kicks on the outside. Punch exchange. Dropkick sends Mack down. Snapmare. Richards twists Mack’s wrist before bridging back. Elbows on the arm. Kick to the arm. Mack begins his comeback with kicks to Richards’s ear. Mack hits a Russian legsweep. Forearm exchange turns into a slap exchange. Mack hits a lariat. Back elbow. Twisting bodyslam. Jumping leg drop for two. Elbows from Richards. Series of strikes take Mack into the corner. Series of kicks in the corner. Running forearm. Mack hits a running clothesline. Springboard dropkick. Richards elbows Mack. Mack is crotched on the top rope. Richards elbows Mack’s left arm and goes for a superplex. Mack headbutts Richards off. Leaping kick from Richards. Headbutts. Superplex finally hit. Mack rises up. Richards looks appalled. The look on Mack’s face is something to behold. Enziguri after a strike exchange. Richards hits an exploder. Mack no sells. They take turns hitting the exploders and no-selling. Richards hits a clothesline, but Mack kicks out at two. Ankle lock. Mack hits a samoan drop. Kip up and standing moonsault. Richards turns Mack into the ankle lock. He drags him toward the middle of the ring. Mack rolls him up for a near three. Dragon suplex blocked. German isn’t. Double stomp but Richards isn’t done. Kick to Mack’s head. 1-2-NO! Dragon suplex right on top of Mack’s head. Good gravy. Running kick finally ends Mack’s night.

Match Analysis: This was everything I’ve come to expect from a Davey Richards match. A lot of moves and not a whole lot of storytelling. It was fun to watch, and I think Willie Mack got to look impressive in a losing effort. Fans seemed even more Mack after the bell rang for sure.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating: Davey Richards/16:22/***1/4

-Davey Richards puts over Willie Mack because he’s that great of a guy.

-The Dynasty (Joey Ryan and Scorpio Sky) vs. Los Luchas (Phoenix Star and Zokre)

Match in Five Words or Less: LUCHA! 

Match Highlights: Los Luchas are making their grand return to PWG. Flipping feeling out process between Zokre and Sky. Very luchaesque which makes sense considering one of the teams involved. Phoenix wrestles circles around Ryan. He comes back with a hip toss and right hand. European uppercut. Armdrag by Phoenix. Rana by Ryan? Dropkick from Phoenix misses. Ryan slides under. Zokre leaps on top of him. Sky takes control. They look confused by the rules of the match, which are being done Lucha style. Big old in-ring brawl. Phoenix gets a rana with some help from his partner. Double leg drop. Ryan nails a dropkick and sends Phoenix out. Short knee life and choking in the corner. Into the corner. Dynasty focus on Zokre. Zokre ends up on the outside, but Phoenix Star doesn’t come in the ring. These teams are very confused. Zokre back elbows Ryan and dropkicks him off the apron. BITHICLE knee from Sky. Ryan sweeps Phoenix Star out. Sky hits a huge tope con helo. Zokre headscissors Sky on the floor, then immediately eats a pedigree on the apron. Phoenix hits a dropkick and then dives on both members of the Dynasty. Double team spear from Los Luchas. Ryan pumphandles Zokre while Sky nails Phoenix in the face. Bicycle kick misses. Zokre hits a quesadora. Ryan spear. Double team facebuster. Reverse rana by Zokre. That looked a bit ugly. All four men are down. Zokre hits a blockbuster into his partner’s knees. Sky gets a cross armbreaker. Knee by Sky. Superkick by Ryan. Leaping acecrusher from Sky gets his team the victory.

 Match Analysis: Pretty exciting tag team match between these two teams despite confusion about the rules. Los Luchas looked good in their return, and it would be nice to see them gain some traction and hang around to add depth to the division. Sky has looked excellent since coming back. Ryan… I’m just glad he’s in a team and even happier when he tweets out PWG results as they happen.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating: The Dynasty/13:23/***1/4

-Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor

Match in Five Words or Less:  A Rivalry Renewed

Match Highlights:  These two have met a million times in a ton of different promotions, and this is their first time having a match against each other in PWG one-on-one. Both of these men are successful DG USA roster members. They start out by trying to go for the PWG world championship, which is hanging high above the ring. This match was supposed to happen on the second night of All-Star Weekend 8. Basic to start. Greco Roman Knucklelock. Ricochet steps on Taylor’s finger. Taylor screams like a girl. Armdrag but Taylor stands right on his feet. Another armrag and a dropkick. Into the corner. He walks up Taylor. Dropkick and stomp by Taylor. Applied headscissors. Ricochet reaches the rope. Series of karate like chops. Spinning kick by Ricochet. Pair of strikes followed by a dropkick. He has some fun with Taylor while in a submission. Ricochet gets his boots up. Taylor hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Taylor grinds back on Ricochet’s knee.  He bites Ricochet’s foot. Camel clutch. Ricochet grabs the bottom rope. Taylor mocks the fans’ cheers. Boot from Ricochet. Reverse rana takes both men down. Forearm exchange. Overhead suplex by Taylor. Charge misses. Back elbow and a moonsault, which misses. Leaping acecrusher… I think… from Ricochet. Didn’t look so hot. Flatliner blocked. Soul Food. Ricochet hits the flatline. Standing moonsault press. Ricochet tries climbing the top rope. Taylor catches Ricochet off a springboard and tosses him. Lawn dart followed by a uranagi. Solid kick. Open hand slap in the corner. Ricochet brings him over and goes for a vertical suplex back in the ring. Both men battle on the apron. Taylor hits a reverse DDT. Yeesh. Baseball slide dropkick. Ricochet hits a twisting dive out of nowhere. He takes a quick drink of water. Taylor hits a tope con helo. Yeesh. Taylor sends Ricochet back in the ring. Rana. Ricochet hits a Sasuke Special. Ricochet hits double knees, but Taylor rolls over into a half crab. Powerbomb and again into the hold. Taylor calls for a triple moonsault. He misses a regular one though. Ricochet runs up the ropes and hits a swinging DDT. Runs into an immediately standing shooting star press. A second one comes off the top rope. 1-2-NO! Ricochet goes for the double moonsault. Taylor grabs him. AWFUL WAFFLE! 1-2-NOOOOO!  Ricochet blocks another Awful Waffle attempt. Stomps by Taylor. Ricochet catches him with a boot. Another one. Both men on the top rope. Taylor goes for a piledriver. Ricochet kicks him running up. 630! 1-2-3!

Match Analysis: You can really see how much these two have grown as wrestlers just in the last two years. These two put on the best match of the show thus far. Great counters and work throughout. I was genuinely surprised when I saw that this went 20 minutes because the time flew by.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating:  Ricochet/20:05/****1/4

-PWG World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)(champions) vs. Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole

Match in Five Words or Less:  Less Bravado, More Bang

Match Highlights:  Davey Richards is on commentary, but he’s being super serious since his boy is in this match. O’Reilly starts quickly with strikes on Nick Jackson. Cole joins in and they double team. Incredible work early on. Double team flapjack on Matt Jackson. We get a lovely gay spot before double team submissions send the Bucks out of the ring. Pescado caught. Cole dives and sends the Bucks down. O’Reilly walks into a superkick on the apron from Matt Jackson. Sliced bread on Cole. Nick hits a springboard splash for two. Ring my bell. Matt chokes Cole while the referee isn’t looking. Control segment continues. Cole boots Matt. Back suplexes are countered and O’Reilly tags in. Boot sends Nick down to the apron. Kicks on the Bucks. Double dragon screw leg whip on both Bucks. Bucks crotch O’Reilly. Cole is knocked off the apron. Back handspring backrake. Nick Jackson struts on the apron. Ain’t he great? O’Reilly takes a chest first bump into the corner. Wow. Bucks work over O’Reilly’s knee. O’Reilly hits an overhead suplex and gets his knees up. Cole dropkicks both Bucks. Dropkick again on Matt Jackson. Pele kick. Nick grabs Cole. Superkick blocked. Hard back elbow from Nick. Quesadora blocked and Nick is sent into the side of the ring. Pele on Matt. Cole with a gorgeous crossbody for two. Neckbreaker out of the firemen’s carry position. Forearm sends Nick outside. O’Reilly tags back in. Running knee and a running kick for two. Regalplex gets two for O’Reilly. Jebus. Off the ropes.. Matt gets his foot up. O’Reilly sent outside. Nick Jackson hits a dropkick of his own. Double team on Cole in the corner. Bridge double stomp. Quesadora facebuster. Matt covers for Cole for two as Nick takes O’Reilly on the outside of the ring. Chinbreaker by Cole. Up and over he goes. O’Reilly hits a series of butterfly suplexes. DDT into a German suplex by Cole into a bridge for two. The elbow pads come off O’Reilly and Matt. Forearm exchange. Superkick reversed. Cole nails one. Superkick sequence. O’Reilly nails Matt with a lariat, and I’m spent. Sweet American Jesus. The four men slowly make their way up. Forearm exchange. Double superkick on O’Reilly. Double step-up knee. Matt Jackson hits a series of powerbombs. The final one is in the corner. Tandem spike piledriver. O’Reilly breaks up the count… barely.  Bucks set up for More Bang for Your Buck. O’Reilly blind tags. Cole gets his knees up. O’Reilly hits a swinging DDT. Superkick into a brainbuster into a guillotine choke. Rolls into a pin. 1-2-NO! Nick Jackson tries breaking the hold. O’Reilly spits in his face. He no sells a superkick. Cole runs in and applies a choke of his own. Nick knees Cole out of the ring. Superkick on O’Reilly. Nick Jackson climbs to the top rope. Matt hits a superkick. More Bang for your Buck. Bucks retain.

Match Analysis: Hell of a debut for the team known as Future Shock in Ring of Honor. It’s amazing what O’Reilly and Cole have done with this thrown together tag team. They’ve really owned it and become an incredible tag team, as evidenced by this match and a lot of their Ring of Honor work.  Amazing what happens when you let these four loose and just have a balls to walls match. Very impressive work from everyone involved as the Bucks are putting together another impressive title reign.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating: STILL PWG World Tag Team Champions- The Young Bucks/20:55/****1/4

Ladder Match- PWG World Championship: Kevin Steen (champion) vs. El Generico

Match in Five Words or Less:  Oh…My…God

Match Highlights:  Considering what these two went through in their ladder wars against the Briscoes and American Wolves, I can only imagine what they’ll do to each other. Both men stare at the belt to start. Watching Knox flee out of the ring when the bell rang was awesome. Generico spits in Steen’s face twice. Steen blows snot. AND IT’S ON! Series of rights. Clotheslines from Generico. Back elbow from Steen. Clothesline from Generico. Tope con helo. Generico goes underneath the ring for a ladder. Steen kicks him. Brawl throughout the crowd. Steen beats up Generico nicely and rubs his face against the post. Now Steen pulls a ladder out. The ladder is in the ring. Steen counters the swinging DDT into a backbreaker. He simply pushes the ladder on top of Generico. This match already rules. More strikes and he sets the ladder up again. Ladder shot to Generico’s gut. Tossed on his back. Well, that’s not right. Kick from Generico. Ladder shot to the stomach, back, and head. He then launches it at Steen in the corner. Steen chops Generico from behind. Steen back drops Generico through the ladder. Aaaaaaand that one is done. Steen laughs and then forms a look of pure ecstasy on his face. Pair of kicks to Generico’s back. Steen surfs on his back and drops a knee into Generico’s spine. Second ladder thrown on Generico’s spine. My God. He stomps on his finger. Into the corner for some biting. Steen bites the ladder for whatever reason. Generico whipped hard into a ladder covered corner. Steen bites his lower back. Generico hits a yakuza kick, which sends a ladder into Steen. Steen hits a ladder assisted lungblower. Steen sets another ladder up and begins to climb. The sucker almost immediately collapses. Generico hits a Michinoku driver. Steen knocks the ladder over. Steen superkicks a charging Generico. Another superkick is blocked. MICHINOKU DRIVER THROUGH THE LADDER! Chucky T screams. I did too. Generico climbs. Steen takes the other one and harpoons him down. Half nelson into the taller ladder. Generico climbs up…slowly. Steen shoves everything down. The fans bring out a third ladder and hand it to Steen. Lovely. Steen crotches Generico on the top rope. Hard chop. Generico kicks a ladder Steen is holding. Steen bridges the ladder between the middle and bottom rope. Generico steps over the ladder and Steen onto the other ladder. Steen powerbombs Generico THROUGH THE LADDER! Generico collapses on the outside. Steen ascends and has to kick Generico away. Exploder into the corner. Steen’s head hits a ladder. Steen holds on to Generico’s foot. Powerbomb into the side of the ring. Generico leaps over a ladder and hits a swinging DDT on the floor. Now up the ladder again. His black is bleeding. Boot to the groin. Oh my God. Steen sets up for a powerbomb to the floor. Generico back drops Steen to the floor THROUGH A LADDER! Generico collapses before recovering. Steen somehow finds another ladder and tosses it at his former partner. Emphasis on former. Boot to the head. Jab to the chest sends the challenger down. Steen stacks two ladders in one corner. Slap across the face. Generico out of a DVD and to the apron. Generico heads to the top rope. Steen crotches him. Steen hits a top rope brainbuster. Generico collapses on the floor. I’ve never seen anything like this in all my life. The Young Bucks run in and nail Steen with chairshots, with a particular focus on his knees. Generico crawls into the ring but doesn’t understand what happens. Steen and Generico both climb up the ladder as lights flash in the background. They battle on the ladder. Then… oh no. Powerbomb and Steen’s head ricochets on the ladders. Never EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER do that again. Generico climbs up and gets the championship. He also brings some of the ceiling with him.

Match Analysis: Words can’t even begin to describe this match. One of the damnedest ladder wars I’ve ever seen. So many bumps. I certainly hope these guys received extra at the pay window. Even then, I question whether this was all worth it. I sincerely hope these two never put their bodies on the line like this again. An incredible contest that is the hands down PWG match of the year and would a contender for the overall match of the year if not for the Bucks’ interference.

The Young Bucks continue to ruin the festivities by attacking the new champion. They turn their attention back to Steen. Nick and Matt lay down a challenge for a Guerilla Warfare match at the next show. Then they realize Steen doesn’t have a partner. The fans think ahead and chant for Generico. Then the lights go out… AND SUPER DRAGON IS IN THE RING! CURB STOMP ON MATT JACKSON. PSYCHO DRIVER ON NICK! Reseda goes absolutely ballistic like I’ve never heard them go ballistic before. Steen has himself a partner. The crowd then chants “Show of the year,” which is a new one. Generico shows off his new belt, since he actually did just win the PWG world title. Steen says he and Generico teared the roof off. Well, Generico tore the ceiling down.

-Fave Five

5. There are so few people with an ora in independent wrestling, and I think that’s why bringing back Super Dragon to PWG is such a great move. As someone loves almost everything this company has done the last three years, I can’t say I’m even a huge fan of his. But to a certain population of the audience, he is an icon in SoCal indy wrestling. No matter if he returns for one match or many, I hope Super Dragon continues to make PWG one of the best indy feds in the world.

4.  The RockNES Monsters are becoming a really good team. Both Yuma and Goodtime have a strong athletic base, and they’re really coming into their own. They’ve had two show stealing performances these last two shows, and I’d like to see them wearing those ugly PWG tag team titles very soon.

3. Ricochet has gone from a flippy dude into an increasingly more well-rounded performer. The fact that he can go have a match with his number one rival and have one of their best matches ever shows this improvement. He’s already experienced so much success in Dragon Gate, and I can only imagine what will happen in 2012 for Ricochet.

2. Cole and O’Reilly showed their skills to a whole new live audience. In grand fashion, they earned themselves more bookings and impressed a lot of people. I certainly hope to see more of them in this promotion. They’re both super talented and seem willing to bust their asses every night to get better. Both guys have the chance to be indy superstars. I don’t think that’s an exaggeration.

1. Two wrestlers have never deserved to hold this one slot more than on this night. Kevin Steen and El Generico out their bodies through hell and had one of the most epic PWG championship matches of all time. What a ridiculous feud.

-The Verdict: This is not only a thumbs up show but one of the best PWG and indy shows in 2011. The final three matches were all incredible in their own way. The ladder match featured two of PWG’s MVPs battling in an epic ladder war. You had two tag teams rise up the ranks (even though one team succumbed in the semi main event.), and you had the return of SUPER DRAGON. Buy this show now.


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