ROH Summer of Punk DVD Review By Ricky Dozan

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Austin Aries vs CM Punk – ROH World Championship
ROH Death Before Dishonor III; 2005/06/18

Wow. What can I say? Fantastic stuff that you really can see where the influence from Punk’s Money in the Bank match came from. Punk is leaving ROH and he wants to do something he has never been able to achieve; win the ROH title. The psychology is off the charts and that action ain’t half bad either. The post-match promos are some of the best mic work I’ve seen in a wrestling ring, although it would of helped if some of the crowd weren’t riding Punk’s dick during his big post-victory speech. Man, this angle is great already.

Rating: ****¾

Colt Cabana vs Christopher Daniels
ROH Sign of Dishonor; 2005/07/08

The match is joined in progress as Punk pays a visit to the ringside area, but eleven minutes of the match is shown and it does warrant a rating. A very fun back-and-forth match. Colt is stupidly athletic for a tubby guy.

Rating: ***¼

CM Punk vs Jay Lethal – ROH World Championship
ROH Sign of Dishonor; 2005/07/08

First I want to say that the promos between Punk and Foley are absolutely golden. This set is worth picking up for the promos alone. The match here is borderline decent until Samoa Joe comes down to cheer on his boy Lethal. Lethal doesn’t show much character, leaving Punk to use his heel antics to get Jay over with the crowd. The action picks up when Joe comes down and Punk finishing off Lethal with Joe’s finishers was a real dick move that got Punk some real heat.

Rating: ***¼

CM Punk vs Roderick Strong – ROH World Championship
ROH Escape From New York; 2005/07/09

Roderick being one of the blandest and generic wrestlers on the face of the planet, may not of been the best choice for a babyface that attempts to take down the evil CM Punk, but yet again, Punk’s heel heat transferred to Roderick and the crowd really got behind him. I’m not going to trash Roderick too much because he sure did bring the goods physically, and these two put on an outstanding technical bout.

Rating: ****¼

CM Punk vs James Gibson – ROH World Championship
ROH Fate Of An Angel; 2005/07/16

Punk beat Gibson to a bloody mess earlier in the show and there was doubts if he could compete, but he came down to face Punk all bandaged up. They went at it for a good thirty minutes which really wasn’t necessary considering all the blood Jamie lost. It could of been over in 10 minutes and told the same story. Gibson gets his own back by accidentally cutting Punk’s back on the guardrails. I know it wasn’t intentional but it really did add to the match.

Rating: ***¾

CM Punk vs Christopher Daniels – ROH World Championship
ROH The Homecoming; 2005/07/23

I’m really not a fan of sixty minute matches because I find it extremely hard to keep my attention on the match and this was the case here. The two wrestled the first forty minutes quite slowly and it was heavily character-driven to keep the crowd interested. I’m not saying it was bad wrestling, in fact it was good wrestling, but after twenty or so minutes watching, I was started to get extremely bored. Thankfully, during the last third of the match, the action picks up and the ending to this match is freakin’ awesome. Extremely tense.

Rating: ***¾

CM Punk vs Christopher Daniels vs James Gibson vs Samoa Joe – Elimination Match – ROH World Championship
ROH Redemption; 2005/08/12

A very cool match which featured callbacks to previous feuds such as Punk versus Joe and Joe versus Daniels. The mat wrestling was superb too. This was probably Punk’s best heel performance because of the interactions with the other three guys. It was a bit overbooked for my liking, but it was still a great match.

Rating: ****

CM Punk vs Colt Cabana – 2/3 Falls
ROH Punk: The Final Chapter; 2005/08/13

May not of been the greatest match of all-time, but this was such a great send-off. The match was actually very good, with fantastic mat work mixed with some pretty funny comedy. Cabana was trying to go for his usual comedy antics and Punk was trying to wrestle a serious match. It was quite bizzare but well worth a watch.

Rating: ***¾

May not of been the best angle of all-time, but it really does show that Punk works best as a heel. He started to show ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair mannerisms in his matches at this time and he’s very comparable to Flair character-wise. If you want to get into classic ROH at it’s peak, this would be a good place to start.

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