4FW New Years Wrestleution 2012 Review By Ricky Dozan

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Uncategorized


Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Jack Dynamo vs The Saint

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Jason Larusso vs Spud
Not too much to say about the match, but Spud was simply fantastic for his character work alone.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Behnam Ali & Doug Williams vs Eddie Ryan & Owen Phoenix
Ali and Phoenix are only teenagers, but showed great potential. Williams made them look like a million bucks and stopped them from resorting to indywank traits many kids their age seem to fall victim too.

4FW Heavyweight Championship – Money in the Bank Match
Dragon Emperor vs Eddie Ryan vs Gilligan Gordon vs Jack Dynamo vs Jason Larusso vs Matt Lomaxx vs Owen Phoenix vs Richtor vs So Sai King vs Wild Boar
I don’t know why they even attempted this. WWE couldn’t even pull off a ten man ladder match. It’s was a clusterfuck with a really anti-climatic finish but hey, some spots were really cool. The Death Valley Driver off the ladder blew my mind. It could of been a lot worse, I guess.

World of Sport Rules
Johnny Kidd vs Maddog Maxx
A decent technical match reminiscent of the old World of Sport days, but my enjoyment was ruined by some morons behind me shouting ‘boring’ and ‘we want fighting, this is just men touching each other!’ which visually pissed off Kidd. It’s great to see this style still is relevant in the BritWres scene.

Belfast Brawl
Fit Finlay vs JD Knight
This was a treat. Finlay came out to huge reaction that he rightfully deserved. Typical Finlay goodness mixed in with some cool weapon spots. His work is even better in person. JD took a chair headshot as he was attempting a suicide dive, ala Chris Benoit.

Every match offered something different and the whole show was thoroughly enjoyable. If you live in the south of England, give these guys a try.


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