SWE 4VEREVOLUTION 2012 (24/2/2012) DVD Review By Shaun Nichols

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This was billed as SWE’s biggest show so far but unfortunately they weren’t able to secure the services of AR Fox when the Borders Agency at the airport sent him packing. However I don’t think that had a major bearing on the card overall.

The show started with a tag team match between…..

The Myatt Legacy vs The Predators

The Myatt Legacy are a father and son team who wear T-Shirts proclaiming them to be ‘Old Bastard’ and ‘Young Bastard’ and they are the babyfaces! The Predators cut a promo saying that Keith (the father) is too old and he’s holding his son back, this gets absolutely no reaction at all from the fans. The match itself was fine, Keith worked most of the match for his team as the heels double teamed him through basic offence. When he could make the tag, his son spat in his face and walked away. Despite a rally, The Predators finished him off with their Trophy Kills finisher. Afterwards Robbie X and Shane Spiral came out to make the save for Keith Myatt, but this only led to Spiral turning on Robbie X, despite the fact we have commentators on the DVD I didn’t know who turned on who as this is the first SWE show I’ve seen. The commentary team should make it clear who attacked who.

Up next was Nikki Storm cutting a promo saying that she was disappointed that her opponent hadn’t made the show. She looked nervous and I had no idea if she was playing a babyface or heel role. Out to save the segment is Rockstar Spud, borrowing heavily from Chris Jericho’s character from about 10 years ago and Joey Ryan’s sleazy persona. Spud is a fine promo, he complained that Pro Wrestling EVE (a Womens promotion) is sexist because he can’t wrestle for them. He also suggested that Nikki should go with him to have sex. Nikki responed by saying he had a mangina, which led to a chant and slapped him. They had a very short match where Spud nearly got pinned with a cross-body but immediately got the win when he hit a stunner. Nikki despite the fact she only took one move acted dead, quite the way to kill Pro Wrestling EVE.

Sami Callihan vs Dave Mastiff

Although this was pretty short, it was pretty entertaining and as you would expect a stiff encounter. Mastiff in some ways is a bit like Takeshi Morishima in that he looks horribly out of shape but is surprisingly agile which works well as the crowd reacts well. Mastiff started with a running Liger Bomb. Callihan suffered when he went a bodyslam and a fireman’s carry but collapsed under the weight. Mastiff hit a cannonball in the corner and managed to avoid Callihan’s submission finisher, but got rolled up for the loss when he missed a lariat.

Dave Finlay vs Martin Kirby

This was similar to the old ‘World of Sport’ style of wrestling with Finlay getting the best of it. Finlay is obviously a great wrestler but works in a slow and steady pace so the decision to make Kirby the babyface worked well. The first five minutes had clean breaks, until Finlay placed him on the top rope and then shoved him to the floor in a nasty spot. He then rammed him into the ringpost and the barriers. Kirby managed to send Finlay’s arm into the barriers which gave him the opportunity to make his comeback but he missed a top rope dropkick. Finlay won his tombstone piledriver. A decent match which understood that it was a great opportunity to have Kirby look good and this was a nice showcase for his babyface character.

Max Angelus vs Nick Riley vs Robbie X

Winner of this gets a spot in the Speed King tournament that took place in April. This is where I realised that it was Robbie X who was attacked in the post-match of the opener. Within a couple of minutes, they did an angle where Robbie had a head injury and the referees stopped the match. The fact that he stayed at ringside meant you knew he would back. Maybe they thought it would be better for Angelus and Riley would work better than own. The match was very spot heavy which I’m fine with as they were basically highlighting what the next show will be like. Angelus won when he soccer kicked Robbie X in the head, this was similar to the old ROH six man scramble matches but just with three guys. All action but won’t stay in the memory.

Stixx vs Joel Redman vs Rampage Brown vs Doug Williams

This is your main event, winner becomes the Number 1 contender to the SWE Heavyweight Title. Well after Rockstar Spud who is already the top contender. Redman and Williams are the babyfaces who want to wrestle, while Stixx and Brown are the brawling heels. Highlight early on is Redman and Williams doing a very entertaining 90 seconds or so of pretty great wrestling, but Brown spoils the fun by low bridging Williams who takes a bad spill to the outside and we don’t see him for about five minutes. Redman gets double teamed by our heels. Williams make his return, we get to see the legendary Chaos Theory German suplex but it gets broken up. Williams with a plancha on Brown to the outside, but Stixx uses this as a chance to hit a low blow on Redman and rolls him for the win.

Overall Thoughts: I know a few fans are a little bit disappointed that the show only goes just over 90 minutes, but I actually see it as a positive. There’s nothing wrong with going in and having a decent 10 minute match and not over-staying your welcome in the ring and the matches range from 8 minutes to 14 minutes and don’t drag at any point.

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