ROH Underground (21/2/2012) Review By Adam Timmins

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Note: This event was an added DVD to the Rise & Prove release which was released previously hence using the same DVD cover.

The venue has a fairly low ceiling, which means ROH couldn’t use any of their lighting scaffolds etc; therefore it’s a house lights affair. Adding to the old-school feel of the card, Steve Corino joins Kevin Kelly on commentary. (Pnarrr)

Eddie Edwards comes out at the start of the show, as he did last night, and explains he’s unable to wrestle due to a staph infection.

Kenny King vs. Andy Ridge – a surprisingly effective opener. King treats Ridge like a jobber – and why wouldn’t you to be fair? – and gets a kicking for his troubles. The problem is, of course, that no-one believes Ridge will ever get any sort of push in ROH, and therefore it doesn’t really matter how good his matches are. King goes over with the Coronation at 7.53.

Mike Bennett vs. Grizzly Redwood – for the love of…is there really anyone in the world who has any interest in seeing this pairing? Granted, it was supposed to be Bennett vs Edwards originally, but even so….Utterly predictable five minute match – Grizzly does his comedy, Bennett does his “who sucks now?” thing, Bennett wins with the TKO at 5.03.

Adam Cole vs. Kevin Steen – I’m still slightly mystified as to how Fatty Steen became the most over guy in the company, but there you have it. Typical Steen effort, spent most of the match larking around and yapping.  I feel bad for Cole; the guy’s the future of the company (if it has a future), and yet he ends up doing another job here, with Steen going over via the F5 at 10.05. Ho hum.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander – a fun little tag bout; even so, you get the feeling in the good old days this one might have got fifteen minutes or so. Still, Coleman and Alexander keep making progress, and the Briscoes are as solid as ever. This was a tag team title match apparently; which was a bit of a joke, as no-one thought C&C had a hope of going over. But still, it was enjoyable for what it was. Doomsday Device on Alexander at 10.03. Afterwards the Briscoes cut a mildly racist promo, which wasn’t really needed.

World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Jefferson Early and Zachary Hilton – two tag matches in row – it’s not that hard to format a card Delirious, shoot me an e-mail if you need any help. WGTT lay down an open challenge; and this local duo – who are super-over to be fair – respond to the challenge. A ten minute squash compounded by a rubbish finish – Haas shoves the referee who disqualified WGTT AT 9.50. As one reviewer succinctly pointed out, you don’t need ten minutes to do a squash with a DQ. Afterwards the Briscoes run in, and Cornette waddles out too. He’s turning himself heel every time he does that: with the state of the current product I’d be keeping my head down personally.

Jay Lethal vs. Tomasso Ciampa – I can’t pretend to review Jay Lethal matches objectively; I don’t think even B.J. Whitmer annoyed me this much back in 06/07. The particular highlight of this match was Lethal’s version of Hulking Up, which seemed to consist of exhibiting the effects of early onset Huntington’s. On the plus side Ciampa looked fairly solid, but once again, an ROH match is let down by a botched finish. As a Proving Ground match: this is supposed to have a 15 minute time limit; Ciampa picks up the win with Project Ciampa at 15.20. Fail. Still, a good win for Ciampa, probably his biggest to date in ROH.

Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin – the winner of this match gets a shot at the tag belts next month. Richards and O’Reilly are called Team Ambition”, which is another dreadful ROH tag team moniker; personally I’d have called them Batman and Robin. Typical ROH main event really: there was some good, but also some bad, and predictably the finish was rubbish. I’m a big fan of building up heat in a tag match; but the rudos beat down O’Reilly for what seemed like eternity. This was compounded by the usual O’Reilly gaffes in psychology: and he really needs to not do “fighting spirit” spots – with his stupid gumshield he just looks like an angry chimp. However, the last ten minutes were very good indeed, with some killer exchanges between Richards and Strong. Elgin looked like a monster as always: this guy has to be World Champion by the end of the year. Sadly though, the match was ruined by what amounted to a comedy finish: Martini tried to interfere, it backfired, and O’Reilly rolled up Strong at 29.42. If they didn’t want Strong or Elgin to do a clean job, then don’t book the match, it’s fucking simple!

Overall – some decent action; but nothing you’d revisit a second time.


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