ROH 10th Annivesary Show Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized



Before I start reviewing this disk, let me just say that the card on offer here is not acceptable at all, given that this is the companies tenth anniversary. No outside talent bought in, no one-off appearances from former ROH legends (unless you count the Amazing Red, who hasn’t done anything for about eight years). At the very least they needed to bring in a Joe/Lo-Ki/ Morishima for the main event, instead of booking Edwards and Richards again. If anything illustrated how fast the company has faded over the past 12 months, it’s surely this card. Anyway…..

Kenny King & Rhett Titus vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team – I’m afraid all this match does on paper is remind me that King and Titus ought to have gone over for the tag belts at GBH 10 and didn’t. Titus is supporting a massive gut, but he has been out with injury to be fair. Early on Shelton gives King a low blow right in front of the referee, who then has to try and claim it was a kick to the thigh. The match was ok, but nothing special. WGTT work over Titus with their punch and kick offense; King makes the hot tag and almost immediately Haas fucks something up. King rolls up Benjamin at 13.32. Better late than never I guess.

Mike Bennett vs. Homicide – Homicide is back for the night, having been given the shove from the company for having a run of below-par matches: whereas Bennett, er…..Homicide is wearing his Natural Born Sinners boiler suit, which is a nice touch. Usual sub-par Bennett match – you can literally feel the energy drain out of the crowd when he embarks on his vanilla offense. Homicide busts out the STF and the Go 2 Sleep as a nod to Joe and Punk. Predictable finish; Maria interferes, Bennett rolls Homicide up at 9.23. Although I have no inclination to see Homicide back in ROH full time, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep booking for these NYC cards, as he’s pretty over with the crowd.

Eddie Kingston comes out for a promo. He calls out Davey Richards (to boos), but gets fatty Steen instead, carrying a tennis racket, wearing a tuxedo t-shirt, and eating a banana. Tells Kingston that if the two of them teamed up, they could destroy Chikara and ROH. Kingston; why the fuck would I want to destroy Chikara? Steen responds by calling Chikara a bullshit Mickey Mouse promotion. A brawl breaks out, with Kingston being pulled outside the ring. The Colony then run in and attack Steen!! Fire Ant hits a springboard dive and wipes everyone out on the outside. Very good angle.

Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin vs. TJ Perkins & Amazing Red – a nice touch getting Red back in – for the uninitiated Red vs. Jay Briscoe was the first ever match in ROH – but the fact he’s the biggest name bring-in for the 10th Anniversary show says a lot. For what was essentially a filler match this was ok; some nice stuff towards the end from Red and Perkins, but nothing you’d go back to. Elgin catches Red coming off the top rope, and gives him a waterwheel slam onto the knees of Strong for the pin at 11.08.

Jay Lethal vs. Tomasso Ciampa – what can I say? To me this seemed like every other Lethal match, there’s never much variation. Ciampa kicks out of the BM Funkster; Lethal gets a Kryptonite Krunch on the apron for his troubles. The 15 minute time limit expires, and it’s a draw. Fans boo the outcome. Next.

The Young Bucks vs. The Briscoe Brothers – fuck me, a match I actually want to see. The Young Bucks jumps the Briscoes, but quickly start getting a pasting, including one getting double-bealed over the top to the outside, and a couple of suplexes onto the ramp/ apron. Some shameless arse-lickery towards Cary Silkin on commentary for some reason – talk about a cult of personality. Someone called Stu Rodgers also gets a mention – I’m sure I know that guy….I’m dying to say something positive about this show, but again, this match has to be considered a disappointment. Having watched the Young Bucks have some amazing 20-25 minute matches in PWG, why is it they only get 10-15 minutes in ROH? The crowd was flat for most of the bout, and the Bucks never really built up any serious heat on the Briscoes. Kevin Kelly also pretty much ruined the last few minutes by worrying more about what people were saying on Twitter than calling the match. *Sigh* Doomsday Device on Nick Jackson at 13.12. After the match the Briscoes hug Cary. At this rate they’ll have Veda Scott give him a blow-job on camera before the night’s out.

Kevin Steen vs. Jimmy Jacobs – No DQ – Corino comes out and cuts a really promo about how the match isn’t going to take place. Corino is one of the most believable promo guys in the business at the moment. Steen starts to respond, and Jacobs wallops him from behind, and reveals he’s wearing the coat from the Man Up! PPV. The fans appear to be compensating for American Dragon’s absence by constantly chanting “YES!” Some brutal bumps as you’d expect: Steen takes a slam off the guardrail onto the entrance ramp and a spear from the apron through a table. Towards the end of the match Jacons spikes Steen in the head, busting him open. Jacobs seems stunned; and Steen grabs the spike and stabs him in the boiler, before giving him the F-Cinq on two back to back chairs at 14.56. Match of the night for me. It was a bit spotty, as most hardcore matches are, but it told a story and delivered in terms of spots. It will be interesting to see where the feud goes from here. 

Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole vs. Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly – mixed reaction for Richards. McGuinness name-checks Gabe Sapolsky on commentary – hooray! An acknowledgment there were actually people other than Cary involved in the company in the early days (in fact, am I right on thinking that Silkin didn’t come on the scene until 2003?). At the 20 minute mark I was thinking “this is quite good.” The same couldn’t be said at the 35 minute mark. As with most Richards-involved matches these days, it went far too long – there was nothing here that couldn’t have been achieved in 25 minutes. Obligatory bump through the timekeepers table on the outside, courtesy of Cole giving O’Reilly a tornado DDT off the top turnbuckle. The crowd were dead for the most part. Cole gets the upset win with a splash off the top onto Richards at 39.33.

After the match O’Reilly refused to shake hands with Edwards and Cole. Fatty Steen popped up on the balcony to cut a promo on Richards, which took away the little effect the match had had on anyone.

Overall – given that it’s universally acknowledged ROH is at its lowest point ever creatively, this really wasn’t a good time for the 10th anniversary show to come around. Even just one big name bought in – Joe, Lo-Ki, Morishima or KENTA – would have lifted the card immeasurably. Instead, they chose to showcase the same tired old booking that has seen the buzz around the product drop to zero. The 12th anniversary show – never mind the 15th – seems a long way away…..


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