ROH Unity (28/4/12) By Adam Timmins

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized


Kenny King & Rhett Titus vs. Michael Elgin & Roderick Strong – not an amazing opener truth be told; the two teams didn’t really have much chemistry, and Kenny King looked very sloppy in particular. The finish was also a tad convoluted; Elgin hits Spin City on Titus; but Strong is selling a knee injury on the outside which requires everyone’s attention. King and Titus hit the Doomsday Blockbuster on Elgin, and the referee races into the ring to count the three at 14.58. The kind of finish that tells everyone wrestling is fake essentially. After the match Elgin and Strong look like they’re going to come to blows, but Martini is able to make them play nicely again.

Mike Bennett vs. Mike Sydal – Bennett gets on the mike and says he was supposed to find a tag partner, but is going to make out with Maria instead. Sydal comes out and says he takes opportunities when people are injured or there’s an open match. That’s one way of describing yourself as a jobber I suppose. Fairly typical five minute squash, Bennett wins with TKO at 5.15. As usual, Maria was the best thing about this match.

The Young Bucks vs. The Bravado Brothers – both teams are sporting fairly bad ring attire – the Bucks have some dreadful pink tights on, whereas the Bravados are sporting the loudest pair of yellow trunks I’ve ever seen. The match though, is awesome. The Bucks have always had the in-ring ability, but now they have the gaga and stuff to go with it, they really are a riot. The Bravados have just come back from a spell in the NOAH dojo, and to say it shows would be a minor understatement. A corking tag bout ends in an upset when Lance counters a MBFYB attempt with a crucifix on Matt at 13.33. If ROH don’t give the Bravados some sort of push after this showing, there will undoubtedly be a spot for them in DG: USA one would have thought.

ROH CEO “Joe Koff” (that his real name or is it a rib?) comes to the ring to announce DBD 10 will be an iPPV in Chicago, where all the belts will be on the line. He’s rather brave in assuming that the company will still be around in five months. Fatty Steen and Jimmy Jacobs come out, and insist their match with Whitmer and Generico start now. Long story short, all four start kicking the shit out of each other, Todd Sinclar throws his toys out of the pram and states this was booked as a regular tag match, but Paul Turner hands a phone over to him – it’s Jim Cornette, making this a Smokey Mountain Rules match. Ok, so I made the last five words up. Of course, this could have been made a no DQ match from the start: but then we wouldn’t have had this amazing angle would we?

Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs vs. B.J. Whitmer & El Generico – No DQ – well these guys have interacted so often in the past there’s no way this one could stink. Steen and Generico do the greatest hits, and Whitmer and Jacobs rekindle memories of when ROH used to be quite good. It maybe could have done with being a couple of minutes shorter, but there you go. Surprisingly, B.J. Whitmer goes over by giving Jacobs an exploder through a table from the top at 18.26. This doesn’t make much sense really, unless they’re going to bring Whitmer in on a regular basis, which – and I can’t quite believe I’m saying this – wouldn’t be a bad move.

The Colony vs. Adam Cole, TJ Perkins & Jay Lethal – one of the reasons I was looking forward to this show (more than the Mania or 10th Anniversary events to be honest) was because the Chikara boys were on the card. Chikara has been miles more entertaining than ROH in the past two years, and the Colony are one of the reasons why. Perkins can obviously keep up with them; Cole and Lethal less so. An entertaining match let down by an utterly bullshit finish. A Chikara official is refereeing the match, and he fails to see Perkins roll up Fire Ant. Green Any tips the cradle the other way to give the Colony the win at 15.18. A screwy finish that gets nobody over. Welcome to Smokey Mountain of Honor. 

World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly – I seem to be saying this a lot at the moment, but this was a lot more enjoyable than I’d anticipated. For once too, I get to say something positive about ROH booking, as I thought they way they booked O’Reilly in this one was superb. The match did much to aid his transition as a whiney, chickenshit heel. As with the Briscoes match at SDIS, WGTT get to break their heat up into two segments to help them out a bit. This time, the impetus for the second segment is O’Reilly bailing out of the ring rather than helping his partner (and having to take on both members of WGTT on his own). Richards surprisingly sells quite effectively too. WGTT get the pin when Benjamin hits Paydirt on O’Reilly at 21.28. Whisper it, but that’s two straight WGTT matches that have been fairly watchable.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. Hallowicked & Jigsaw – it was a bit odd to see Hallowicked and Jigsaw wrestling as heels; but the Briscoes were super-over, so it made sense. Not quite as good as their tussle at The Homecoming, but still a worthy main event. Mark takes the obligatory bump through the ringside table this time. A fairly unnecessary ref bump that was seemingly put in just so the Chikara referee could get punched out: but it didn’t detract too much from proceedings. The finish fell a touch flat – Mark pinned Jigsaw with the Frog Elbow at 16.40 – as no-one really thought it would be the finish, but still, a good match.

Overall – well, if ever a card needed to be called Tag Wars, this was it. But, whisper it, this was a really enjoyable show.



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