Kurt Russellreunion 3 – 29/1/12 Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Brian Cage & Ryan Taylor vs. Famous B. & Chris Kadillak – not an amazing opener by any means. The Fightin’ Taylor Boys without Chuck don’t amount to much, and B & Kadillak come across as a bit of a generic, flippy indie tag team at the moment. The Taylor Boys win with the double team Canadian Destroyer on B at 10.04.

BxB Hulk vs. Susumu Yokosuka – Yokosuka has had to change his name to Jimmy Susumu as a result of a stipulation in Japan. These two could have an amazing singles bout in their sleep, and they packed a lot into eleven minutes. Crowd was a bit quiet to start with, but woke up towards the end. Yokosuka kicks out of the EVO, and drops Hulk on his head with a nasty Aikata at 11.09 for the win.

Davey Richards & Harry Smith vs. The Young Bucks – Eddie Edwards couldn’t make the show due to travel issues, so Smith steps in in his place. And it worked pretty well for the most part, with Smith assuming the big man role and everyone else working around it. Obviously the Bucks vs. the Wolves would have been miles better, but in the circumstances this was a more than adequate replacement bout. The Bucks hit MBFYB on Richards at 13.33 to seal the deal.

Naruki Doi vs. Willie Mack – dear oh dear, what a mess this turned out to be. With regards to the match itself it may well just have been of case that some guys don’t mesh very well; but the finish was a farce. Doi hits a superplex and three successive top-rope elbows on Mack, who ludicrously kicks out. The Mack hits the Chocolate Thunder Bomb at 12.17. Mack might be very good one day; but I don’t think anyone believes he’s good enough to beat Doi in the present – and the farcical finish just made the match look like a joke. Put it this way; people would be bouncing off the walls in anger if that match had happened in ROH.

Peter Avalon, DEMUS 316, Ray Rosas & Joey Ryan vs. Cedric Alexander, B-Boy, Candice LeRae, & Mascarita Dorada – man, this was a LOT of fun. After watching six months worth of ROH in 2012 prior to switching to PWG, I was a bit rusty in terms of laughing while watching wrestling; but then I remembered wrestling was supposed to be fun, and all was well again. Dorado was undoubtedly the star of the match, particularly the stuff he did with DEMUS: I’d love to see them in PWG again or Chikara at some point. The one teeny gripe is that we’ve all seen Candace/ Joey do their stuff a million times: enough already! Everyone else looked good, in particular Ray Rosa’s is coming along nicely. A Shining Wizard from B-Boy and a moonsault from LeRae finish Ryan off at 16.19.

CIMA & Ricochet vs. RockNES Monsters – this was a lot like Doi vs. Mack: the PWG guys went over, but didn’t particularly impress in doing so. The Blood Warriors duo dominated most of the match; and stuff like the Monsters doing a comedy double-team straight after the hot tag didn’t help matters. Yuma and Goodtime hit Weapons Grade Bolognium on Ricochet at 20.22 for what on paper is the biggest win of their careers; but it certainly wasn’t a break-out match by any stretch of the imagination.

Roderick Strong vs. Maasachi Mochizuki – this was all sorts of goodness. Strong in PWG is always a far more attractive proposition than Strong in ROH; while Mochizuki is surely one of the most underrated workers in the business. Mochizuki works over Strong’s’ leg, and while the latter’s’ selling wasn’t amazing – strictly of the “do three moves than start selling again” variety – it didn’t really detract from the match. Mochizuki scores the pin at 14.20 after battering Strong with a series of kicks to the head culminating in the Sankakugeri. Match of the night thus far.

PAC, Masato Yoshino & El Generico vs. Super Dragon, Kevin Steen & Akira Tozawa – while this was by no means a MOTY candidate, it delivered more than enough thrills and spills to make it a worthy main event. Naturally Generico was the glue that held it all together; the fact that ROH let him grow is truly laughable. Super Dragon and Steen did their usual schtick, while the three DG regulars looked as crisp and fluid as ever. The last five minutes were as frantic and spot-filled as you’d expect. Tozawa eats a brainbuster from Generico, and falls to British Airways from PAC at 26.11.

Overall – I doubt this will be the best PWG card of 2012; but a solid start nonetheless.


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