PWG DDT4 2012 – 21/4/12 Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Uncategorized


Brian Cage-Taylor & Ryan Taylor vs. RockNES Monsters – this didn’t look like much on paper, but wasn’t half-bad in practise. Brian Cage gets his shit in, as you would expect, including debuting a springboard bounce-twist moonsault – which is extremely impressive for a guy his size. A decent outing from the Monsters, but they’re never going to be a top team in PWG quite frankly, that ship has long since sailed. They pick up a surprising win here though, hitting an enzugiri-diamond cutter combo on Cage at 13.08.

Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole vs. Scorpio Sky & Joey Ryan – Cole and O’Reilly have split up in ROH, but are still teaming here. So much for kayfabe. Ryan is mercilessly heckled by some fans – was he doing the TNA thing at this point? Another good match, much more fast and furious than the opener, which made for a change of pace. Sky and Ryan go for the win from the off, which was a nice touch. There was a ridiculous amount of superkicks towards the end – apart from the Young Bucks everyone in independent wrestling should be banned from using them. Cole and O’Reilly hit their Total Elimination variation on Sky at 11.36 to set up a semi-final bout with the winners of the Bucks vs. SSB.

El Generico & Willie Mack vs. Sami Callihan & Roderick Strong – the DDT4     condition of teaming Roderick Strong with random partners continues as he’s paired with Samuel Callihan, who’s making his PWG debut here. Another enjoyable contest, but perhaps not quite worthy of the “this is awesome” chant it received. Usual dependable performances from Strong and Generico; Mack continues to put his poor match with Doi behind him, while Callihan did enough to merit future bookings. And as another reviewer pointed out, this is a combination of wrestlers you’ll only get in a PWG ring. Generico pins Strong with the brainbuster at 17.02.

After the match, Sami Callihan accepts Fatty Steen’s open challenge for the PWG title.

The Young Bucks vs. The Super Smash Brothers – a rare clunker from the Bucks: their heat segment kind of dragged for once; and the match featured one of the infuriating “low-blow right in front of the referee that doesn’t lead to a DQ” spots. But the finishing stretch just about made up for it. In a fairly big upset, Player Uno reverses MBFYB into a Finlay roll for the pin at 14.44. Not that the SSB don’t deserve it: they’ve stolen the show at just about every PWG card they’ve wrestled on, and handing the Bucks only their second loss in thirteen DDT4 matches is no mean (kayfabe) feat.

El Generico & Willie Mack vs. RockNES Monsters – the weakest match of the night thus far: as I said earlier, the RockNES Monsters are becoming more of a make-up-the-numbers tag team with every outing, and this was another so-so effort. Mack puts Yuma away with the Chocolate Thunder Driver at 12.19 to put 2 Husky Black Guys into the final.

Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole vs. The Super Smash Brothers – now this on the other hand, was the best match of the night thus far, and indeed may be the best tag match I’ve seen in 2012 to date. 20 minutes of amazing wrestling, with some sequences that legitimately deserved the “this is awesome” chant. The SSB get the victory with FATALITY! on O’Reilly at 19.19, and once again the wrestling world is left to ponder how it is these guys never got a fair shake in ROH/Chikara.

Kevin Steen vs. Sami Callihan – this went pretty much as you’d expect – lots of strikes and brawling, Steen larking about – but this was by no means a bad thing. The match did what it needed to – i.e. killed some time before the main event, and Callihan delivered another good performance. No-one really believed he was ever going to win though, and Steen duly polished him off with the package piledriver at 13.12.

The Super Smash Brothers vs. El Generico & Willie Mack – it was really good to see both teams selling the effects of their earlier matches in the night. A good but not great main event, which got a bit spotty particularly towards the end. Still, the action moved along at a decent pace. The SSB pick up a deserved win when they hit FATALITY! on Generico at 18.24 to win the 2012 DDT4 tourney. The team have been a revelation since they came to PWG, particularly as no-one expected too much from them – Super Dragon admitted that he only booked them initially on the proviso they pay their own air fare. But they’ve grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Overall – I’d have to rate this below both 2010 and 2011’s DDT4 tourneys, purely on the basis that the line-up looked a bit tired compared to those shows, with Sami Callihan being the only non-regular bought in. It was a solid show however, but you still get the feeling PWG has yet to hit their stride in 2012 yet.


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