PWG World’s Finest – 17/3/12 Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Uncategorized


The main event was supposed to be a 4-way bout for the world tag titles, but Super Dragon managed to injure himself in training, so the card got tweaked a bit as a result….

Kevin Steen vs. Peter Avalon – …including this bonus bout of Fatty Steen taking on Skinny Pete! Typical Steen squash, lots of yapping with the crowd and whatnot. Avalon got a teeny bit of offence in at the end, but Steen quickly polished him off with the Package Piledriver at 9.01. Can’t really describe the match as good or bad; it was what it was.

Brian Cage-Taylor vs. Ray Rosas – a solid singles outing from Rosas, who in my opinion is the pick of the crop of new guys who debuted in November. As ever, Cage looked ok, but nothing special – apart from his physique he doesn’t really have much going for him, though I always pop for the CW Anderson delayed-suplex off the second rope. Cage-Taylor gets the win with a Discus Lariat to the back of the head at 10.51.

Joey Ryan vs. Candace LeRae – fuck me, not this again. Ryan is dressed like Andy Kaufman, and it’s hard to get used to him being clean shaven. They do all their usual spots, and the only thing of note that happened was a horribly blown second-rope rewind-rana where Candace nearly breaks her leg and Ryan lands horribly on his head. LeRae rolls up Joey for the win at 7.54. More than one person has compared how Candace is booked in PWG with how Sara Del Rey is booked in Chikara, to PWG’s detriment.

Scorpio Sky vs. TJ Perkins – this was very reminiscent of some of the MMA-influenced matches from some of the early EVOLVE shows (or for that matter the match Perkins had in ROH with O’Reilly) Sky is doing some legitimate MMA stuff these days so he was a good choice to take on Perkins here, who is always fun to watch. In a very nifty sequence, Sky hits an ace-crusher, then holds on and transitions into a Dragon Sleeper, forcing Perkins to tap at 14.23. Good stuff.

The Young Bucks vs. The Super Smash Brothers vs. RockNES Monsters – from a kayfabe point of view these teams must have been a bit pissed off; going from supposed having a tag title shot to having a three-way with nothing at stake. A cracking bout, as you’d expect with the talent involved. The Bucks are the best team in the business at the moment bar none; the Smash Brothers are probably the most underrated (let’s face it: both ROH and – as much as it pains me to say it – Chikara dropped the ball with them), and Monsters pulled their weight too. The Bucks got some heat on both teams, before an insane finishing run. The SSB hit the Gory Special/Blockbuster on Nick Jackson at 17.53 to pick up the win.

Alex Koslov vs. Kyle O’Reilly – this was supposed to be O’Reilly vs. Davey Richards; but the latter pulled out due to Japan commitments (surprise surprise). Am I right in thinking this was Koslov’s first PWG appearance since ASW 7? For a match which didn’t look particularly appetising on paper, this was pretty good. O’Reilly got to show slightly more personality here than he has done in his entire ROH run. Fans seemed slightly on his case though, maybe because of his ROH status: which is a bit stupid to be honest – guys who have a tendency to be a bit bland in ROH usually perk up a bit in PWG (see Edwards, Strong). Funny moment on commentary when O’Reilly hits a Dragon Suplex on Koslov and Joey Ryan remarks “I bet that never happened in FCW.” O’Reilly locks in a guillotine choke (which has rapidly become an extremely passé finisher) and Koslov taps at 13.54.

Roderick Strong vs. Willie Mack – I really enjoyed this, but I can understand if people didn’t. In many respects it was a précis of Strong’s match with Finlay in ROH; very much a slow-burning, psychological affair, as opposed to the super-stiff war that people might have been expecting. Strong worked over the leg for most of the match, with Mack intermittently making a fightback. Strong hits a superplex and the flying yazuka for a superb nearfall; but Mack is able to hit the Chocolate Thunder driver at 19.38 for another big win in 2012. After Mack’s match with Strong at Card Subject to Change 3, it looked like Mack had future PWG champion written all over him. A year later I’m not so sure – he’s been given a couple of big wins, but has flattered to deceive at times. Full credit to Strong though, he’s made Mack look like a player on both the occasions they’ve tangled.

Eddie Edwards vs. El Generico vs. Kevin Steen – this was supposed to be Edwards vs. Generico: but Steen is added to the match shortly after the bell rings. I thought this was a pretty damn fine triple-threat match, with some neat spots, including an awesome double German/head and leg capture suplex spot. Generico hits the turnbuckle brainbuster on Edwards; but Steen pulls Generico to the outside, powerbombs him on the apron, then covers Edwards in the ring at 15.35 to become a three-time PWG champion, and the second man to simultaneously hold the PWG World and Tag titles. That result was a bit of a surprise: I’m not sure what putting the belt back on Steen accomplishes. The important thing was Generico didn’t get pinned, and it’ll be interesting to see where it all leads.

Overall – as with KRR3, not an amazing PWG show, but some good stuff here nonetheless.


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