PWG 2012 DVD Review: Death to All But Metal (25/5/12) By Adam Timmins

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Uncategorized


B-Boy vs. Famous Bthis was actually a lot better than I thought it would be; Famous B has looked ok in multi-man’s, but I wondered how he’d hold up in a singles bout. To be fair B-Boy’s the kind of veteran who can normally carry anyone to something decent, and so it proved here. Famous B got to kick out of some big moves, including a nasty looking DVD into the turnbuckles. B-Boy finally puts him away with the Beach Break at 13.19. A good opener and a very good debut singles outing for Famous B.

Ryan Taylor vs. TJ Perkins – Perkins must be a promoters dream: you can put him anywhere on the card, against anyone, and you know he’ll have a decent little ten minute match. And so it is proved once again. Perkins gets the win at 9.56 with a 450 splash: a slightly worrying result for Taylor fans, as with the absence from PWG of Chuck Taylor and Brian Cage looking like a potential break-out singles guy (see next match), poor Ryan’s in danger of getting lost in the shuffle.

Brian Cage vs. Kevin Steen – note that’s Brian Cage, as opposed to Brian Cage-Taylor. The usual Steen match, which you’ll either love or hate according to your own taste. A good performance from Cage, but not necessarily a break-out one. To be fair to him the match was hurt by an extremely abrupt finish: Cage hits Steen with a discus lariat; Steen lands on his head; then quickly crucifixes Cage for the pin at 16.20. Hmm, maybe that’s why they sent them out third.

The Young Bucks vs. The Super Smash Brothers – No DQ – so Super Dragon doesn’t look like getting over his foot injury anytime soon, so the PWG tag titles have been vacated, and this match will determine new champs. I wasn’t particularly taken with the match these two had at DDT this year, but holy shit did they make up for it here. Just a blinding match from start to finish, with both teams making full use of the no DQ stipulation. I won’t try and describe half of the bone crunching stuff all four men did, you really need to see it for yourself. The finish of the match played into the growing rivalry between The Young Bucks and Rick Knox (well, you know what I mean). The SSB hit FATALITY! on Nick Jackson: but Matt pulls Knox out of the ring and superkicks him. The Bucks hit MBFYB on Player Dos, and the tubby ref who looks like Dom Joly runs out to count the fall, only for Knox to prevent him from doing so. The Bucks bring Knox back into the ring with the intention of doing some damage; but Knox ends up giving Matt a lariat!! The SSB hit FATALITY! on Matt at 19.18 to become the new PWG tag team champions. And no-one can say they don’t deserve them, they’ve been a revelation since they came to PWG at the back end of last year. Easily the best tag match I’ve seen in 2012 thus far.

RockNES Monsters & Candace LeRae vs. Peter Avalon, Joey Ryan & Ray Rosas – it’s very rare you can criticise PWG for much at the moment, but seriously, yet another LeRae vs. Ryan scenario? At this rate come the nuclear holocaust, they’ll still be going at it, in front of a sell-out crowd of cockroaches. At the beginning Avalon tries to have his way with Candace, and ends up getting molested by the Monsters, which was pretty funny. Unfortunately this was pretty much the highpoint of the match. Ryan pretty much phoned it In, the RockNES Monsters are fading fast, and the rest couldn’t really do much either. The RockNES Monsters hit a double team ace crusher on Rosas for the win at 13.27. There have been some amazing PWG multi-mans in the past, but this wasn’t one of them.

Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack – the main man, Michael Elgin makes his PWG debut. There was no way Elgin wasn’t going to get over in PWG quite frankly, and he was able to show his power off against big Willie. Big man matches can sometimes be a bust, but both of these guys are able to bring other stuff to the table, and it very entertaining. Mack went over with the Chocolate Thunder Driver at 13.22, but Elgin was the star, and will almost certainly be back at some point.

El Generico vs. Ricochet – so the El Generico/Ricochet match was set up at Eight; but presumably due to scheduling issues it hasn’t been booked until now. A very good match as you’d expect, with Ricochet rapidly becoming one of the top guys in the business; while of course Generico is the top guy in the business at the moment. A cornucopia of big near falls concludes with Generico hitting the turnbuckle buster on Ricochet at 21.46 to send everyone home happy.

Overall – it took a little while, but with two must-see matches PWG have finally hit top gear in 2012.


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