PWG 2012 DVD Review: Threemendous III (21/7/12) By Adam Timmins

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Uncategorized


Joey Ryan interrupts Excalibur’s traditional pre-show intro, and cuts a promo about how he’s been in PWG for 9 years, and no-one has been in more matches than him. Rick Knox comes out to correct Ryan on this point. Ryan tries to hit him, and Knox hits his patented flying clothesline. Only in PWG would a referee have a finisher.

Joey Ryan vs. Famous B – the first five minutes of this one were fairly turgid, but things picked up slightly towards the end. Still, it must be said these two didn’t gel particularly well. Ryan applies the Tazmission at 10.53.

TJ Perkins vs. Roderick Strong – I’m tempted to pretty much repeat what I said about Perkins in my review of the last show; the guy can have a great ten minute match with anyone; and Roderick Strong is another wrestler you could argue falls into the same bracket. A cracking little match ends at 12.03 when Strong hits All The Landslides Birds Have Ever Seen.

Chuck Taylor & Ryan Taylor vs. RockNES Monsters – this is Chuckie T’s first PWG appearance since Steen Wolf, which seems a lot longer ago than it actually was. Needless to say, he’s more over than anyone else in the match. The Monsters wrestled as heels here, which is a good call in my opinion, as their moment as babyfaces was long gone. The match itself wasn’t particularly amazing, but to an extent had to be sacrificed in order to expedite the Monsters heel turn. Yuma catches Chuck with a backslide and Goodtime holds the leg on the outside to see the Monsters go over at 16.47.

Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Cage – Tremendously smart booking by PWG; they’re trying to get Cage over as a singles guy; so put him with Edwards, who can have a decent match with the cat. It’s also noticeable that – a bit like Claudio in ROH – Cage has suddenly woken up to the fact he’s the biggest guy in the promotion, and wrestles more of a big man style accordingly. Very good singles outing, which sees Cage get the win with Weapon X at 15.23. Full marks to Eddie Edwards, he did all he could to make Cage look like a big deal here. After the match Cage announces his intention to go after the PWG title.

Kevin Steen vs. Willie Mack – Mack holds a singles victory over Steen at ASW8 Night 1. I thought the way this match was set up was really well thought out; Steen attacked Mack from behind at the start, and worked as a heel (even thought the crowd cheers for him anyway). Referee Rick Knox gets bumped, and then Steen gives Mack the F-Cinq onto Knox, which must have hurt the latter like a bastard. Brian Cage runs in and takes out both men. Steen hits the Package Piledriver, but Mack kicks out!! Steen sits him on the top rope and gives Mack the Psycho Driver at 18.18 to retain the PWG title. A superb match that sees Mack shake off his so-so start to the year; and once again shows what Fatty Steen can do when he puts his mind to it.

B-Boy vs. Drake Younger – I was a big fan of Younger’s work in EVOLVE – imagine a version of Necro Butcher that can wrestle as well – so it’s good to see him in PWG. If this match would have ended at the 15 minute mark, it would have been a very good effort. Alas, they did far too many near falls at the end. Shame, as both men put a lot into this, so it was disappointing to see it end in overkill. The crowd seemed happy enough mind; but it burnt me out. B-Boy finally puts Younger away with the Beach Break at 21.41. Hopefully Younger will be back, as he has a lot to offer. I guess they were so intent on trying to get him over they went a bit overboard.

Sami Callihan vs. Michael Elgin – this is one of those matches that you can’t see in ROH or EVOLVE, but you can see in PWG….and unfortunately it was a bit shite. I’m tempted to blame Callihan, but also it wasn’t particularly great formatting, sending them on straight after Younger and B-Boy. The match bored the arse off me, but the crowd broke out into a “this is awesome” chant at the end, so at least someone enjoyed it. There was plenty of hard hitting exchanges, but it didn’t really add up to much, and Callihan’s constant pointing and posturing didn’t help. At the right guy went over, with Elgin hitting Spin City at 15.48 for the win.

The Super Smash Brothers vs. The Young Bucks vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly – Ladder Match – fucking hell, what a match. As with the SSB/Bucks match from Death to all but Metal, there were so many wince inducing spots in this one it’s pointless to try and list them all here. Nick Jackson got nastily busted open hardway on the side of his head at one point. As with the SSB/Bucks match, the thread was the Bucks continuing beef with referee Rick Knox. At one point in the match Nick Jackson was windmilling everyone with a ladder, and decided to take out Knox for good measure. Knox is busted open, and is carried to the back. After an amazing spot where Matt Jackson superkicks Player Dos in mid-air while the former was climbing the ladder, it looked like the Bucks were going to become three time PWG tag champs. But Rick Knox runs out from the back, pushes both Bucks off the ladder onto the floor, and then takes them both out with a dive!! Awesome. The SSB retrieve the belts at 23.55 to retain the titles.

Overall –this was much better than 2011’s Eight, the best PWG card of 2012 thus far, and pretty much essential viewing.



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