Attack! Pro Wrestling – We Only Do It for the Money (Obviously) – 11/2/12 DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized


So, this show was held for charity with all proceeds going to Recovery Cymru (I can think of at least one Welshman who needs help off the top of my head), which makes it seem a bit churlish to bury someone for botching an armdrag in the context of things. Still, I’ve been asked to review it, so I shall. I will say that those ropes look a tad loose; I really wouldn’t fancy running them if I was a big lad.

“Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman vs. “Lionhat” Flash Morgan – are there actually any Wild Boar in Wales? No matter. A basic, but enjoyable big man vs. little man match-up, which sees Wild Boar go over with a Package Piledriver. He celebrates afterwards by cutting a fairly inaudible promo in the back.

Kev Dunphy & Adam Day vs. Tiger Kid & Delta Rush Jr – was Kev Dunphy’s name inspired by Roddy Doyle’s The Van? No matter. There’s some awful ring attire on display in this one; in particular, purple pleathers and white boots do not a good mix make. Not a great match to be honest, and the botched finish didn’t help, with the referee counting to two before announcing that Day and Dunphy were the winners.

Eddie Dennis vs. Mike Bird – Bird is ginger, therefore he’s the heel obviously. Really good match this one, with some nice brawling at the start – including a nasty looking slam on a ladder – and some crisp exchanges and nearfalls at the end. Dennis eventually puts Bird away with a torture-rack into a sit-out Michinoku Driver. Good stuff.

Damien Dunne vs. Jeff Cornell – hmm, Damien Dunne’s heel gimmick only has a couple of strings to its bow, but it’s adequate enough for the small halls. If this one had gone a couple more minutes with Cornell getting some offence in it might have been quite good. As it was, Dunne dominated for the most part; then just as it seemed Cornell was about to make his comeback, Dunne hit an inverted lungblower out of nowhere for the pin. After the match Cornell hit his finisher on Dunne, which just made him look like a bad loser.

Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne – easily the match of the night, a really crisp main event packed with some choice moves. One thing that struck me in this one is how many guys on the British scene are using the tombstone piledriver these days. I blame that Finlay personally. Andrews goes over with a shooting star press.

Overall – a decent card, but nothing must-see tbh. One of those cards that I’m sure was fun live, but not necessarily so on DVD. If you’re into the UK scene, maybe give it a go.


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