ROH 2012 DVD Review: The Nightmare Begins (15/6/12) By Adam Timmins

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized


Kenny King & Rhett Titus vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander – a fast-paced opener – perhaps a bit too fast-paced, there were moments when you needed to catch your breath. It’s always nice to see C & C look competitive, as there’s been many an ROH match where they haven’t been allowed to. King and Titus hit the Doomsday Blockbuster on Alexander at 11.55 to earn a tag title shot at BITW 2012.

Mike Mondo vs. Davey Richards – you have to say ROH are doing everything they can to get Mondo over; though whether it’s something of a lost cause given his Spirit Squad past is another matter (I know Cornette was keen to bring Nick Dinsmore in, but it got nixed on the basis of his Eugene past). The match itself was pretty good, usual Richards selling issues aside, but ended in another fucking 15 minute draw (at 14.50 no less). Poor old Davey – less than two months ago he was the world champ and now he can’t beat Mike Mondo.

Roderick Strong vs. Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. B.J. Whitmer – much like the opener, a fun while-it-lasted, but ultimately inconsequential four way match that you’d struggle to remember anything about an hour later. Cornette’s commentary was awful here, a ridiculous Jim Ross parody. Cole pins Strong at 9.58 with a crucifix to earn a future TV title shot. So there you go.

Paredyse & Chris Silvio vs. The Briscoe Brothers – Paredyse is an OVW guy who last wrestled in ROH at Bluegrass Brawl if memory serves; Silvio has wrestled on ROH cards a couple of times this year and not done much on either. Lest we forget, Silvio does the Superstar Billy Graham gimmick, while Paredyse channels various male wrestlers who’ve dressed up like women. But this match gets even better; both teams are accompanied to the ring by radio DJ’s. I kid you not: “The Planet’s” Reevis and “K-Rock’s” BT are in the corner of the respective teams. Is this the moment ROH irrevocably crossed the point of no return? Quite possibly. The match was an embarrassment from start to finish. Silvio and Paredyse look like the worse kind of indie jobbers, and the two radio guys didn’t look like they had a clue what they were doing there. The poor old Briscoes tried their best, but could do little to save this turd of a match. Jay pinned Paredyse at 8.23 to put everyone out of their misery.

Michael Elgin vs. Jay Lethal – so, we have two of the top guys (well, two guys that are being pushed as top guys – everyone knows I think Lethal is a mid-carder at best). So what does the match need? A comedy spot involving Truth Martini and the referee having a boxing match early on. Fuck me. It also becomes clear during the match that this is going to be aired on TV, as there are gaps of silence on commentary, and at one point we’re told that “during the commercial break” Elgin has been working over Lethal. So if this is going to air on TV, why am I paying for the DVD? Seriously, fuck this company. And the match itself? An average contest topped by a screwy finish: Strong interferes, but it backfires, leading to Lethal hitting the Lethal Bizzle at 12.15. Strong running in when he did made no sense, but then not much does in ROH these days.

Kevin Steen vs. Eddie Edwards – before the start of the match Steen and Cornette argue about a sponsorship deal that Steen supposedly cost ROH. Because – as another reviewer noted – if there’s one thing fans get worked up about, it’s sponsorship deals wrestling companies do or don’t get. Steve Corino is commentary, and really adds to the match. This was surprisingly heated considering everyone knew who going over. Too many superkicks towards the end would be my only gripe; but then that’s a problem on the indie’s generally. Fatty Boom Boom gets the win with the F-Cinq at 15.16.

Charlie Haas vs. Jay Briscoe – Texas Death Match – a Texas Death match in 2012? That’ll dispel those “Smokey Mountain of Honor” quips. This is also billed as “The Final Encounter” – not quite sure what the logic is behind ending a tag team feud with a singles encounter is, but there you go. The guys did their best, but they were saddled with a crappy stipulation, the match went on too long, the referee got bumped….Incredibly, Haas tried to use the ether again. Given the universally negative reaction that finish received, I can’t believe they bought it back out again. Jay Briscoe whacks Haas over the head with the “can of ether”, and gets the win at 19.24. Dud. Incredibly, the fans chanted “that was awesome” at the end of the match. I’m glad someone enjoyed it.

Overall – would I recommend a DVD that was an average b-show at best and half the matches already aired on TV? I think I just answered my question.


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