Best In The World 2012 (24/6/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Uncategorized


The Briscoe Brothers vs. The Guardians of Truth – the GOT are the Headbangers under masks. At this point I’m convinced ROH is just being run as one giant rib on the fans. There’s a small “Mosh and Thrasher” chant at the beginning of the match which may have been quickly sound-sweetened. It also becomes apparent the ring ropes are ridiculously loose, forcing Mark to do his frog-elbow off the ring post. Crap match, the Briscoes go for the DD on Mosh, who rather awkwardly attempts a prawn roll; Jay counters for the pin at 6.00. Undoubtedly one of the worse openers in ROH history. Incredibly, the GOT attack Jay after the match, implying this is going to be more than a one-shot deal.

Eddie Edwards vs. Homicide – apparently Homicide attacked Edwards on ROH TV (which no-one watches), setting up this match. A decent effort. I actually don’t mind Homicide working the occasional New York show, he generally seems more motivated there, for obviously reasons. Surprisingly, he goes over here with the Cop Killa at 12.45.

Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly – Hybrid Fighting Rules – you’d have thought ROH would have gotten the message about fans not wanting to see wrestlers pretending to do MMA: but then if ROH was actually listening to its fans, it wouldn’t be in half the piss-poor state it is now. This is the perfect example of a crap match being livened up by someone getting busted open. The match was trundling along at a fairly dull pace, until Cole got his mouth split open by a boot from O’Reilly, and that injected some drama into the proceedings. O’Reilly did a good job of selling his knee, and Cole made the most of his injury to rescue what at one point looked like being a real turd. In the end O’Reilly tapped to a figure-four at 12.39. Both men came out of this one with their reps enhanced, albeit by somewhat contingent means.

Michael Elgin vs. Fit Finlay – man, this was awful. I really enjoyed the slow, methodical pace of Finlay vs. Strong, but this was just dull. In places some fans chanted “boring”, and quite frankly they were right. They’d have been far better brutalising each other ala Finlay/Callihan than doing what they did. After kicking out of Finlay’s finishers, Elgin hits Spin City at 19.15 for what should have been a big win; but the dreadful match that preceded it meant that it wasn’t.

Mike Bennett cuts his standard heel promo before getting down to it with Maria. Mike Mondo comes out and takes issue with some of the things Bennett said about New York. They have a two minute match in street clothes, which Mondo wins with a roll-up. What was achieved by said bout? Not much.

Jay Lethal vs. Roderick Strong vs. Tomasso Ciampa – Elimination Match – Lethal is not only sporting a hilariously bad new haircut, but also a pair of trunks that look like an advert for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. A fairly perfunctory triple threat match, although I will say the finish was cleverly executed. A melee on the outside involving Lethal and all the seconds ends up with Nana rolling in the ring and accidently knocking Ciampa’s legs from under him as the latter had Strong up for Project Ciampa. Strong falls on top of Ciampa and pins him at 12.48. Lethal goes for the Lethal Bizzle, only for Truth Martini to whack him with the Book of Truth. Strong hits All The Landslides Birds Have Ever Seen on Lethal at 13.09 to retain the TV title. Incidentally there appears to have been some back-story constructed on ROH TV to explain Strong winning the TV title from nowhere after Ciampa had been chasing Lethal for months. Whether it made any sense or not I’m unable to say.

World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Kenny King & Rhett Titus – usual WGTT rubbish, compounded by an awful finish. Instead of putting King and Titus over properly in the middle of the ring, they get the belts via a fluke win. Titus gets busted open on the outside (via a belt shot) and gets worked over. They do a stupid spot where Haas gets on the mike and tells the referee to stop the match, otherwise they’re going to “kill him” with, of all things, their leapfrog backsplash. King springboards in and botches a blockbuster, but succeeds in taking out Benjamin, and Titus rolls up Haas at 22.49. This ought to have been a huge deal for King and Titus; it took them ages to gel as a tag team, but in the last 18 months they’ve really stepped up. They should have won the belts at GBX10: but we now know SBS nixed that, and when they finally did win them, it was through a bullshit finish. No wonder King walked out a few weeks later.

Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen – No DQ – the stipulation here is that if Richards loses he doesn’t get another title shot as long as Steen in champion. Kevin Kelly refers to Steen’s “reign of terror” as champion (one house show and one TV taping) before the match. With the amount of streamers Steen gets at the start of the match you never guess he was supposed to be a heel. Before the match O’Reilly comes out and states he’s tired of being perceived of Davey’s bitch, using the f-word a lot. Not an amazing promo, but it served its purpose. By far and away the best match of the night, and one of those rare overbooked matches that came off in practise; it was mayhem form start to finish. Hilariously, on commentary Corino says the company was far better when Cary owned it; a shoot comment if there ever was one. All sorts of insane stunts here, far too many to list. I still think the spot of the match was Richards kicking Todd Sinclair in the stomach in response to a near-fall. Steen wins with a spike to the groin and a package piledriver at 21.20. After the match Steen cuts a promo to try and get the crowd to boo him. I’m not sure why ROH are obsessed with trying to get the fans to boo Steen – he’s an over guy in a company that doesn’t have many of them, you think they’d have the sense to work around this. But then, “sense” is a word that doesn’t appear much in ROH’s booking these days.

Overall – looks like Border Wars was a blip, as main event aside the majority of this card was crap. 


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