ROH Live Strong (30/6/12) By Adam Timmins

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The useless Bill Berger, last heard on commentary at The Homecoming 2012, returns alongside the ever entertaining Steve Corino.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Jay Lethal – fortunately Lethal has returned to the corn rows after the fantastically bad hairstyle he sported at BITW 2012. This would have been a pretty good opener, had a ridiculous “you-kick-me-and-I’ll-chop-you-spot” not happened at the end. Lethal hits a backflip version of the Lethal Bizzle to pick up the win at 10.25.

There’s an in-ring segment to honour Bruno Sanmartino. Which was nice.

Adam Cole vs. Pepper Parks – blimey, Pepper Parks in ROH. They could a lot worse than book him again though, he’s a solid enough journeyman, and has a decent little match with Cole here. Incidentally Cole is your new TV champion, having beaten Roderick Strong at a TV taping in Baltimore. This match is non-title, but Cole wins anyway with a criss-cross German suplex at 9.54.

Kenny King vs. Mike Mondo vs. Mike Bennett vs. Mike Sydal – for those who say Bennett has vastly improved as a wrestler, I cite the beginning of this match where he tags in and out without doing anything a couple of times in quick succession. Free tip Mike: getting crowd heat must still be allied to logic. On commentary Corino cites Grizzly Redwood as a success story from the ROH wrestling school; hilariously, he’s being serious. Mike Mondo attempts a dive to the floor and nearly lands on the apron; high-flying is not his strong suit. This 4CS was ok for what it was; a card filler to give four guys something to do. Mike Sydal is another who wouldn’t be a bad choice to fill out the bottom end of the card more often. Mondo hits Sydal with his double arm DDT at 11.25 for the victory.

Eddie Edwards vs. Tomasso Ciampa – before the match Ciampa attacks Nana and tells him the Embassy is dead. I could have told him that three years ago, but still. For the record Archibald Peck and Mia Yim still appear to be onside with Ciampa. This was a damn fine match, maybe the best Ciampa has had thus far in ROH. It’s a shame he got injured when he did, as he could have used this outing as a potential springboard. Eddie Edwards has been one of the wrestlers of 2012 so far in terms of making guys look good. He made Brian Cage look like a star in PWG, and does a similar job with Ciampa here. Huge near fall at the end when Ciampa gives Edwards the Kryptonite Krunch off the second rope. Edwards survives though, and catches Ciampa in the Gedo Clutch at 16.08.

B.J. Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs – the thing people tend to forget about the Whitmer/Jacobs feud is that it only happened due to Whitmer botching a powerbomb and nearly killing Jacobs. Anyway. Jimbo and B.J. have a decent little ten minute match until the inevitable non-finish: Steen runs out (well, not runs exactly) and distracts Whitmer, meaning Jacobs gets the count out win at 11.41. After the match Whitmer makes it clear another match with Jacobs is in the offing.

Charlie Haas vs. Rhett Titus – if you had to pick one wrestler who sums up the current state of ROH, it would probably be Charlie Haas; a man who, when not being carried by the KOW or the Briscoes, has done fuck all since he came into the company. At nearly 15 minutes this was the longest match of the card; it was also the worst. Haas spent the first five minutes staling, and still got blown up towards the end. Dreadful finish too; Haas farts around with a chair, and the tag title belt, and then DDT’s Titus on the chair while the referee’s back is turned in a tremendously laboured affair to get the three count at 14.14. Utter crap.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. Rhyno & Michael Elgin – a decent little twelve minute tag match, nothing amazing though. Elgin and Rhyno are a combination I wouldn’t mind seeing again in the future, and they pick up the win here when Rhyno gores Mark Briscoe at 12.33.

Roderick Strong vs. Kevin Steen – it still cracks me up how whenever there’s a new champion, Roderick Strong gets wheeled out for one of the first title defences. (And just think, if Davey hadn’t have been in Japan for GBH9, he’d probably still never have been world champion!) Again, like the previous bout, this was a decent enough twelve minute sprint. I’m guessing they’re trying to book Steen as they did Morishima, in going for shorter, more brawl orientated main events instead of the lengthily Richards-style matches that characterised the latter’s reign. Steen retains with the F-Cinq at 12.17.

There’s an amusing segment at the end of the DVD where Archibald Peck agrees to become Ciampa’s new manager. Mia asks to be his assistant, but instead of ripping her dress off and doing the business with her, he hands her a pile of papers to shred.

Overall – a decent little B-show. Nothing amazing or anything, but enjoyable for what it was. 


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