Brew City Beatdown (14/7/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Uncategorized


Rhett Titus vs. Mike SydalKenny King really screwed poor Rhett big time – in the space of two weeks the latter went from being ROH tag champion to opening the show against Mike Sydal. (At least they came out and admitted King had jumped ship – remember Dan Maff’s infamous career ending car crash?) I said in my review of Live Strong that I thought Sydal was a guy who could perk up the lower end of the card if given a chance, and he has a pretty decent outing with Titus here, and his best ROH effort to date. Titus gets the win with an impaler DDT at 10.21.

Jay Lethal vs. Mike Mondo – this is a rematch from The Battle of Richmond no less. On commentary Kevin Kelly reveals that Bruce Pritchard wanted to book OJ Simpson (before he was convicted). A solid if unspectacular bout – much like their Richmond effort – except this was saddled with a Cornette finish. Late in the match Mondo suffers a kayfabe ankle injury, but ‘fights on’. Lethal quickly polishes him off with the handspring Lethal Bizzle at 15.18. I presume they’re trying to turn Mondo babyface, but all that finish did was kill all the momentum from what had been a decent effort until that point.

Tony Kozina, Shiloh Jones & Adam Revolver vs. Samson Walker, Chris Silvio & Mohammed Ali Vez – i.e. the gimmick guys from OVW – although to be fair Silvio stole the show at the aforementioned Battle of Richmond (not that that was particularly hard mind). Samson Walker is ROH’s version of Uhaa Nation, and Kozina makes up the numbers. The aim of the match was clearly to get Walker over, so it was slightly unfortunate from an ROH point of view that he received several chants of “you’ve got tits”. The match was ok, but no-one really came out of it looking like a million dollars. Walker hits a DVD on Jones for the victory at 11.18.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Tadarious Thomas – I have no idea who Tadarious Thomas is, but he looked pretty good in this one. Which is surprising really, considering the standard formula ROH has for introducing new guys is having them get squashed a few times before actually getting to do anything. But no, Thomas is allowed to look competitive and everything! Someone check if Cornette’s feeling ok. O’Reilly’s heel character is coming along nicely too. The only complaint I have with this one is that there were too many “hit me/now you hit me!” striking spots, but that aside, an enjoyable effort. O’Reilly makes Thomas tap to a Fujiwara armbar at 12.15. After the match Tony Kozina comes out and gives O’Reilly shit for not releasing the armbar immediately after the bell, and gets it slapped on him for his troubles.

B.J. Whitmer vs. Roderick Strongsurprisingly this is only their second ever singles bout in ROH (the first being all the way back at Unscripted 2). In an completely unexpected turn of events Strong cuts quite a funny heel promo before the match. And it was a pretty good match as well. Whitmer was never going to be the top guy that Gabe pushed him as back in the day; but he can have a decent ten minute match with just about anyone. Usual lame Martini finish: Truth whacks Whitmer with the Book of Truth, and Strong nails the flying Jacuzzi kick at 11.47.

Silas Young vs. Michael Elgin – Young has grown a moustache which makes him look terrible: he looks like a bit-part villain in an 80s Bond film. At least he got rid of that stupid entrance music he used to have. Martini accompanies Elgin, until Elgin sends him to the back. I’ve read a couple of reviews of this show that raved about this match: I thought it was decent, but nothing amazing. Young wrestled a few times in ROH between 07-08, and did precisely nothing, but it looks as though they’re bringing him in full time from the way, as he was allowed to look very competitive against Elgin. This is Young’s hometown, and Elgin wrestles in Milwaukee a lot, so the crowd were up for it. Maybe I need to watch it again, as I thought it was good, but it didn’t blow me away. Elgin puts Young away with Spin City at 17.42.

Eddie Edwards vs. Rhyno – another decent outing between these two, probably a shade better than their Border Wars opener. Edwards has had an outstanding 2012 thus far, hasn’t put a foot wrong in any of his matches as far as I can remember. Another terrible Martini finish blights an otherwise enjoyable effort – Edwards has the single leg crab locked in on Rhyno when Martini runs in. He takes his usual comedy bump to the outside, and Edwards turns round to eat the Gore at 13.42 to give Rhyno the victory.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs – after a fairly energetic few minutes, both teams start brawling on the outside, and the match is ruled a double count-out at 5.35. Cornette waddles out and restarts it as a No DQ affair. They then have an average brawl, but it culminates in an insane stunt. Jacobs and Mark Briscoe brawl into the back, leaving Jay and Fatty in the ring. Steen hits the F-Cinq, but Jay kicks out. Mark appears on the balcony next to the ring; Jay sets Steen up on a table, and Mark dives off the balcony onto Steen! Fucking hell. Jacobs returns with the Spike, but Jay avoids it and gives him the Jay Driller on the broken table at 7.55. That has to be up there with London hitting the shooting star press off a ladder and Jack Evans’ double moonsault at Scramble Cage. After the match Steen and Jacobs attack the Briscoes, and Rhett Titus runs out to make the save.

Overall – one of the better ROH cards this year.


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