DGUSA 2012 DVD Review: Heat (29/3/12) By Adam Timmins

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Uncategorized


Low-Ki vs. Bobby Fishnow this is ironic – a wrestler who has legitimately competed in MMA against one of the biggest MMA wannabees in the business. A thoroughly crap match; the first half of it consisted in the participants taking it in turns at kicking each other, then Fish worked over Low-Ki for a bit, before the latter shrugged it all off to get the win out of nowhere with the Ki-Krusher at 10.51. Bleh.

Ricochet vs. Mike Cruz – with the disbanding of Warriors/ formation of Mad Blankey, Ricochet is now a member of World-1 International. Can’t really give too much of an assessment of Cruz, as he didn’t get a whole lot of offense in; but the crowd got behind him, and he’s probably worth a second look. Ricochet looked as crisp as ever, and sends Cruz packing with a shooting star press at 7.02. After the match Hulk and Tozawa attack Ricochet, but CIMA and Mochizuki (both now part of the Veterans Army) make the save.

Samuray Del Sol vs. Masato Yoshino – before the match gets underway Johnny Gargano comes down to get a closer look at the bout, as he faces Yoshino at Mercury Rising 2012. This was my first look at Del Sol, and he certainly has a good look; but his performance here was marred by a couple of high profile botches. Indeed, you could see Yoshino getting visibly annoyed towards the end. All the more unfortunate then, that Sol got the pin with a prawn roll at 10.19. That’s a MASSIVE result for Del Sol, as I think you can count on one hand the number of jobs Yoshino has done in DGUSA. Just a shame that – like Doi/Mack and Spiked Mohicans/Monsters in PWG – the performance didn’t match the result.

CIMA & Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Caleb Konley & Scott Reed – I suppose you have to admire Gabe’s faith in The Scene: but the fact is there are just not over in the slightest. In the ring they’re ok; they have a solid match here with the Veterans. But the lack of crowd reactions, particularly when they’re getting some steam on their opponents, speaks volumes. They hit their finisher on CIMA after Amber O’Neal (who accompanied Larry Dallas to ringside) distracted him, but Mochizuki breaks the pin up. The Veterans his their respective finishers on The Scene; then CIMA hits a double Meteora on them for the win at 10.10.

AR Fox vs. PAC – as I said in the OTGG review, when PAC slows things down in the middle of matches, he’s surely one of the most boring wrestlers around. Fortunately the match picks up after a while, and there are some nice exchanges towards the end, but the finish was slightly odd: PAC getting the win with a Liger bomb at 14.55. Surely Fox ought to be losing to British Airways or a move of similar ilk. A decent match, but not as good as it looked on paper.

Mad Blankey vs. Ronin vs. D.U.F – Elimination Match – it’s difficult to rate this one really, as it didn’t unfold as planned due to Uhaa Nation injuring his knee on a dive halfway through the match. That must have been embarrassing for him, especially in his first main appearance. What you can say is that the remaining eight guys did well to keep the match going from that point on. The D.U.F. are eliminated at 14.18 when BxB gives Pinkie the First Flash. From then on it’s essentially a handicap match, but Mad Blankey manage to hold their own quite well, and pick up the victory when Tozawa pins Gargano with the High Tension suplex at 23.15. Presumably that qualifies Tozawa for a shot at the OTFG belt somewhere down the line. The other thing I liked about this match was how everyone went after Gargano’s back following his injury at EVOLVE 10. An decent main event, all things considered.

CZW Bonus Match – Danny Havoc vs. tHURTeen – this is the first of two CZW showcase matches. Interestingly, Fatty Steen joins Lenny Leonard on commentary for them. This was basically a lightube death match, and it was ok for what it was. If it had ended around the ten minute mark it was have been good, but the nearfalls in the last few minutes were overkill. What I came away from the match thinking was that both guys looked reasonably competent when they weren’t using the tubes; and it was kinda sad they were bumping on glass in front of 200 or so people in a throwaway match. Havoc hits the Burnout on tHURTeen for the pin at13.28. 

CZW Bonus Match – Drake Younger vs. DJ Hyde – pretty much a rinse and repeat of the previous match. It’s depressing to see Drake Younger do this shit; he had a really good little spell in DGUSA/ EVOLVE in 2010, and has recently made his way to PWG with some success. So he really doesn’t need to be getting light-tubes smacked over his head and rolling about on thumbtacks. DJ Hyde is of course, the comedy owner of CZW, who apparently once legitimately claimed he was a better work than both American Dragon and CM Punk. Some of the stuff both guys kicked out of was ridiculous, and Steen and Leonard end up laughing their way through the end of the match. Hyde gets the win with a light-tube assisted lariat at 11.39. I’m sure there is some really great wrestling in CZW; but this garbage showcase did the promotion no favours.

Overall – this was one of those shows that if DGUSA have a sale, pick it up by all means, as it’s an enjoyable way to kill some time; but there was nothing particularly amazing on here. Solid enough though.


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