PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 4: The Ballad of El Ligero (25/11/12) Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized


PROGRESS moves from the Garage to the Boston Dome; the audio monitor which dogged the hard camera previous releases is replaced by a slightly less annoying steel rail. Commentary is still fairly bad, and I watch most of the disk on mute. I understand the promoter is the commentator; it’s nothing personal my man, you’re just not very good at it, and need to delegate to someone who is.

London Riots vs. The Hunter Brothers – The Hunter Brothers belong the category of long haired babyface tag team. An ok, if slightly overlong opener, which perked up a bit towards the end. The finish was a letdown though; the heels feign injury, the babyfaces fall for it, and the Riots hit their Project Mayhem style finisher for the win at 14.23.

RJ Singh vs. Paul Robinson – A fairly bread and butter heel vs. babyface match, but none the worse for it. Robinson is still fairly green; but it’s ok as he has youth on his side. As I said in the C3 review, I like Singh’s gimmick, but it might need a touch more development at some stage: I’m not sure how much mileage “I’m an Indian, boo me” has in the long term. Singh hits the Kangchenjunga Peak, and slaps the Ethnic Submission on Robinson for the submission at 10.55.

Noam Dar vs. Jimmy Havoc – Submission Match – a nice change of pace for Havoc after having to bump on drawing pins on his last Progress outing. I came away from this match feeling that these two could have a really good submission match: but this one was an overbooked mess. There was a bizarre spot where Dar emptied some thumbtacks in the ring, and Havoc ended up sweeping them up with a dustpan and brush. Then Havoc pulled a sock out of his tights for the old Mandible claw spot. Then the Eddie Guerrero feigning injury spot, which saw the promoter restart the match. Finally, Dar applied an Achilles tendon hold on Havoc and bit his foot, causing the tap-out at 19.06. That must have been frustrating for both wrestlers, who are capable of having a solid submission match without all that nonsense.

Mark Andrews vs. Will Ospreay – Natural Progression Series First Round – Following on from the British Wrestling Council matches, the NPS is a tourney designed to get young wrestlers over. That said, I’m not sure there’s anyone who follows British wrestling who doesn’t know what Mark Andrews can do; but this was certainly an opportunity for Ospreay, who grabbed it with both hands. A fun ten minute sprint concludes with Andrews landing the Dragonrana at 10.43.

Marty Scurll vs. Stixx vs. Dave Mastiff – A bit of an odd mix on paper, but it worked reasonably well in practise; with Mastiff and Stixx battering each other in-between Scurll running around playing the chickenshit heel. At one point Scurll had both men down, but was pulled out of the ring by Nathan Cruz, and the two men brawled to the back. Mastiff pinned Stixx at 10.29 with the Cannonball in the corner.

El Ligero vs. Nathan Cruz – Both men brawl on the outside to begin with; Cruz gives Ligero a nasty suplex on a Japanese table; the latter retaliates with a flip off a balcony, then gives Cruz suplex onto some ringside chairs. At the nine minute mark both men head back into the ring, at which point Cruz takes control (Cruz control?) for a while. Some big near falls follow, including a nasty looking Beach Break from Ligero. Ligero kicks out of a second Showstolen and the Exit Stage Right, before making tap to a Butterfly Clutch at 26.54 to become the new Progress champion. A suitably epic main event.

Overall – apart from Dar vs. Havoc, which was the definition of an overbooked mess if there ever was one, this was another enjoyable card from Progress – looking forward to seeing what they can offer in 2013. 


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