DGUSA Mercury Rising (31/3/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

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Bobby Fish vs. Jon Davis – Well on paper this didn’t look like a particularly promising opener, and so it proved to be. Davis got booed mercilessly, and probably deserved it on the basis of his sluggish offence: hardly the sort of stuff to get the crowd going. Fish makes Davis tap to the FishHook at 8.32. That’s a big win for Fish given the push that Davis got in DG:USA in 2011. But that aside, a fairly duff opener. After the match Fish gets on the stick and expresses a desire for an EVOVLE singles title.

Incredibly, PAC is allowed a live microphone!! Schoolboy error. He suggests that as CIMA can’t compete in the six-man tonight, PAC should take his place. Chuck Taylor, who PAC was originally scheduled to face, says that he will host the Chuck Taylor Invitational later on.

AR Fox vs. Arik Cannon – Cannon has to be one of the most underrated guys in the business at the moment; he rarely has a duff outing. This was rattling along at a nice pace until the finish: Fox goes for the Lo Mein Pain, and Callihan hurls a chair at him from the outside, causing the DQ at 11.02. The D.U.F. batter Fox, Callihan gets on the mike, the lights go out…

Sabu vs. Sami Callihan – Street Fight – an utterly dire match; it went nearly twenty minutes, but it felt like longer. It’s sad to see an aging Sabu gigging himself and going through all his old spots at half-speed. The moment that summed up the match came early on, when Sabu leapt off a chair and crotched himself on the top rope. Fucking hell. After what seemed like an eternity, AR Fox ran out and kicked Callihan, and Sabu put Callihan through a table with the Arabian Facebuster at 18.02. This one will be up there in the worse match of the year polls come the end of 2012; a black eye for Gabe if there ever was one. In addition to the match sucking, the result felt wrong too; even with Fox interfering and getting revenge on Callihan, Sabu going over Callihan in 2012 is just wrong I’m afraid.

Lince Dorado vs. Chuck Taylor vs. CIMA vs. Rich Swann vs. Samuray Del Sol vs. El Generico – it’s supposed to be Dorado vs. Sol, but Taylor runs out (barefoot) and proclaims the Chuck Taylor Invitational has started. CIMA and Rich Swann both run in to get a piece of Taylor, and the latter bails to the outside. He proclaims that he hates Luchadores, and El Generico’s music hits to a huge reaction. So now we basically have a six man mayhem match; the sort of cracker that ROH used to put on on a regular basis before it became SMOH. The fans popped hugely for Generico’s surprise appearance; Del Sol finally started to show some promise; and Taylor heeled it up to perfection. Everyone played their part though to be fair. Generico hits the turnbuckle brainbuster on Dorado at 17.15.

DJ Hyde and CIMA (an unlikely duo if there ever was one) announce in the ring that at Wrestlemania weekend next year, DG:USA, CZW and Chikara will co-promote shows in New Jersey. Can’t complain about that!

Caleb Konley & Scott Reed vs. Los Ben Dejos – I vaguely recall Los Ben Dejos wrestling a squash match in ROH at some point in 2011; research reveals they put the Bravado Brothers over at Southern Defiance. Chuck Taylor notes that The Scene’s entrance with Shelly Martinez and Amber O Neal amounted to an orgy; it was definitely way over the top. Put it this way; you don’t have to be a raving feminist to consider a woman simulating getting roasted by two guys slightly distasteful. The Scene get the win with the Ob-scene on Maricon at 6.26: but the upshot of this match was that Los Ben Dejos came out of it looking a lot better than The Scene; which presumably was the opposite of what was supposed to occur. The fact is that The Scene simply aren’t over one little bit: this weekend they had a decent outing with CIMA & Mochizuki but lost; lost to Dreamer and Fish in an embarrassment of a bout; and here were outshone by two jobber bought in to put them over!! In fact you could argue they’re in a worse position now than they were at the start of the weekend. One other thing that amused me during this bout; Lenny Leonard told fans to look out for the release of the Heat DVD; said disc came out roughly nine months after this show.

Johnny Gargano vs. Masato Yoshino – Well, this got there eventually, but my God it took a while to get going. It’s pretty much fair to say Yoshino phoned this one in; a large part of his offense these days consists of him strolling around the ring adjusting the waistband of his tights. Things did pick up towards the end, with both men counting each other’s finishing holds; but although not as bad as the Sabu/Callihan bout, the feeling when this one finished was one of relief more than anything. After two Hurts Donuts Gargano makes Yoshino tap to the GargaNo Escape at 20.22. Not many would have predicted Yoshino would have done two clean jobs over the course of the weekend; I suspect they had to offer him the OTUG belts to do it. After the match Chuck Taylor, who’d been on commentary, attacked Gargano.

Low-Ki, Akira Tozawa & BxB Hulk vs. PAC, Maasachi Mochizuki & Ricochet – Not the best DG six-man ever, I can safely say that. Not a bad bout by any means; and the hot crowd lifted it up a notch or two. The main problem for me was that PAC and Low-Ki looked a bit out of place in this one; and the bits where they faced off against each other seemed a bit tacked on. The other four delivered the goods though; and Tozawa and Mochizuki had some scorching exchanges yet again towards the end of the bout. Tozawa pins Mochizuki at 21.23 with the High Tension suplex. This was a fun main event; but for me it fell short by DG’s own high standards.

Overall – better than Heat; but not as good as the previous night’s show. The six-way is worth checking out though


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