CHIKARA A Death Worse Than Fate (25/2/12) Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Green Ant vs. Ophidianon commentary it’s stated that Green Ant was the first man to make Mike Quackenbush tap out in Chikara history at The Thirteenth Hat. You might consider this the beginning of Ophidian’s new heel character after the mess of a match against Hieracon. The bout had a good storyline – Ophidian working over the throat of Green Ant – and this played into the finish, with Green Ant submitting to the bridging Cobra Clutch at 10.49. That said, I think those who say that there’s something missing from Ophidian’s new gimmick are right, the crowd don’t seem to be connecting with it. Maybe it needs time.

El Hijo Del Ice Cream vs. Saturyne – Saturyne made her debut at Joshimania in a tag match against the Ice Creams. I was impressed with what I saw from her in this one; the great thing about small wrestlers is that you can toss them all over the place not just on offense, but also for their manoeuvres. She gets the pin on El Hijo with the Saturn-rana at 6.32.

Dasher Hatfield & Mr Touchdown vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant – as with Saturyne, what better way for Ancelotti to debut than in a tag match with three relatively experienced hands? The Mr Touchdown gimmick is extremely entertaining, and a split from Dasher is clearly not far away. The Ants were their usual dependable selves. A man in a Green Ant mask comes out and pushes Hatfield off the top rope at 9.41, leading to the Colony getting DQ’d.

Brodie Lee vs. Jigsaw – Lee was ruled out of nearly all of the 12 Large Summit due to injury, so now he’s working his way through all the guys he should have faced, which started with Ultramantis at Joshimania. Poor old Jigsaw took a tremendous battering here; but it took Lee a while to finish him off. The running Liger bomb did the trick at 8.36.

Colt Cabana vs. Kobald – I find Cabana so much more palatable in Chikara than in ROH; maybe it’s because he only appears in Chikara occasionally, or maybe it’s that he’s working with characters more geared towards doing comedy here. Whichever it is, this match had some amusing moments. Although he didn’t need to do much here, Kobald still needs a lot of work. Cabana wins via tap-out with the Billy Goat’s Curse at 8.11.

The Batiri, Tim Donst & Jacob Hammermeir vs. 3.0, Eddie Kingston & Gregory Iron – The technicos team was put together by Wink Vavasseur, who felt they could be “the Beatles of Chikara”. That would make Greg Iron the Ringo Starr of the team then.  I have to say I wasn’t particularly blown away by this one, it came across in practise as it did on paper; two sets of random guys teaming together. People rave about Donst, but I find him very much hit and miss. Some enjoyable stuff from 3.0 as always, but apart from that not too much to get excited about. Donst uses his wrist tape to choke out Iron at 19.01.

Archibald Peck vs. Sara Del Rey – at this point Veronica is super pissed at Peck, whose last win came back at Maiden Flight of the Great Condor. This would have been fine at ten minutes, but sixteen was too long. Peck was as hilarious as ever – at one point he made Del Rey corpse – but there were points when they just seemed to be filling time. Veronica runs in at one point and gets the Koppo kick for her troubles. Del Rey then locks in the Butterfly Clutch and Peck taps out at 16.29. At least Veronica didn’t actually see Peck lose this time!

Ultramantis Black & Hallowicked vs. Icarus & Chuck Taylor – 2/3 Falls – Ultramantis has never won a belt in Chikara despite being a Gen One original; while Hallowicked has won the YLC and co-held the CDP. Icarus is subbing for Johnny Gargano, who sustained a back-injury at Evolve 10. Like the previous two matches, this one dragged an awful lot. The first fall was fairly back and forth, until Icarus threw powder in Hallowicked’s eyes and rolled him up for the first fall at 7.35. After that F.I.S.T. worked over Hallowicked for ages until Ultramantis finally made the tag; only for Hallowicked to get the second fall with a big boot on Icarus at 15.12. Odd. The action finally picked up for the third fall. Taylor accidentally threw powder in Icarus’ eyes, and Icarus gave him the pedigree by mistake. Mantis gives Icarus the Praying Mantis Bomb; but Taylor pulls the referee out of the ring. With the referee distracted on the outside, Delirious – dressed in his green and black gear – runs in and drapes Ultramantis over Icarus: but then changes his mind and gives him the Praying Mantis bomb! Icarus covers him to get the deciding fall at 19.51.

Overall – a show of two halves; things were rocketing along until the Atomicos match, then the card ran out of steam. Still, this show was miles better than The Thirteenth Hat; and with Chikara it’s always a slow start to the year in the sense that it takes a while to see where the storylines are going


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