CHIKARA – Caught in the Spider’s Den (26/2/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Uncategorized


Francis Kipland Stevens vs. Kobaldimagine if Wink Vavasseur was a wrestler, and you have FKS. Very much a Chikara opener, in the sense that there aren’t many other promotions where this match would work. Kobald picks up a rare victory with the Demon’s Toilet at 7.23.

3.0 vs. Dasher Hatfield & Mr Touchdown – with 3.0 already having 2pts and Chikara running in Canada soon, the result for this was a bit of a foregone conclusion. Still, a very entertaining match, the only real fault with which was the rather abrupt ending – it could have stood to have gone a few more minutes. 3.0 hit the pop-up spear on Angelosetti at 10.23 to get their 3 point and a CDP shot.

Archibald Peck vs. Ophidian – as Peck is making his way out to the ring Angelosetti is making his way to the back, and the latter has a flirtatious exchange with Veronica, much to Peck’s displeasure. This was a big match for both men, as it marked the first time Ophidian really got to grips with his new heel gimmick; and the match also solidified Peck as a babyface for what looks like an upcoming program with Mr Touchdown. Peck had Ophidian beat; but took far too much time thanking the crowd, and Ophidian rolled him up at 11.35. Veronica stormed off to the back.

Delirious comes out and cuts a promo, using actual words – which people can understand! The gist of it is that Ultramantis Black might well be in a spot of bother.

Gran Akuma vs. Chuck Taylor – Gran Akuma Trial Series #1 – a decent little ten minute match, but nothing particularly memorable. The finish slightly puzzled me though; Akuma is supposed to be a babyface, yet he wins here with a big old handful of tights at 9.46. Old habits die hard I guess. Icarus spears Akuma after the match.

Sara Del Rey vs. Saturyne – Del Rey is one of Saturyne’s idols; which, as I can remember watching Del Rey when she first started out, makes me feel incredibly old. As you’d expect, Saturyne gets battered, but refuses to stay down. Del Rey finally puts her away with Royal Butterfly at 7.15.

Ultramantis Black vs. Colt Cabana – a fun comedy match as you’d expect; but the star of the bout really was Bryce. I’ve said this before, but if he left Chikara for any reason the promotion would never recover; he really is the heart and soul of Chikara. Ultramantis counters the Flying Asshole to cradle Cabana for the pin at 15.47.

The Batiri, Tim Donst & Jacob Hammermeir vs. Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Soldier Ant & Fire Ant – match of the night by a mile. Having been fairly unimpressed by Donst’s performance last night, I will say that here he and Hammermeir put together some very nice sequences; they could turn out to be a good little tag team. Speaking of teams, it would be nice to see Chikara do something angle-wise with the Batiri, they’re too good to simply be used as card-fillers. As well as being MOTN, this one also has the distinction of kicking off one of the year’s major angles. As with last night, a guy in a Green Ant mask runs in. The real Green Ant comes out to prove it’s not him. The imposter Green Ant clotheslines Quack, leading to the DQ at 18.52. Then it really kicks off, as four other masked wrestlers jump the guard rail, including three more ants! The guy in the Green Ant mask takes it off to reveal a blue and gold mask. They beat down the technicos, and try to unmask the Colony before Ultramantis, Dasher, Mr Touchdown and Steve Weiner (!!) make the save. We would later learn that the individuals are called; 17, The Shard, assailANT, combatANT & deviANT. 

Eddie Kingston vs. Vin Gerard – Title vs. Career – man it feels like this feud has been going on forever, but this wasn’t a bad way to end it. Like a lot of Kingston matches, this revolved around his opponent working over his knee. Kingston hits multiple Backfists to the Future to get the pin at 10.23 to finish Gerard’s Chikara career. Not a bad match by any means; but not exactly an epic feud-ending bout either.

Overall – a show that was more about setting up stuff for the rest of the year as opposed to match quality, which is fair enough I suppose


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