PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2012 Night 1 (01/09/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized


Joey Ryan vs. TJ Perkins – It pretty much says all you need to know about Ryan these days that he does the old “pull my trunks down and wander around with my arse hanging out” spot. TJ gets something decent out of him though. A lot of people moan that TJ doesn’t sell anything, which is true enough; but it’s not like he’s wrestling twenty minute main events. His job is to have exciting ten minute or so matches with guys on the undercard, something that he’s exceedingly good at; and he gets the win here at 13.17 with the Detonation Kick.

Drake Younger vs. Roderick Strong –  Much like Younger’s match at Threemendous 3, this would have been really good were it not for a lot of overkill on the near falls in the last few minutes. I’m a big fan of Younger; he works very hard at what he does, but he needs to tone down some of these busy finishes. It should be noted that the fans in attendance went nuts for it mind. Strong hits the Tiger Driver at 14.45.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards – A scorching contest between these two, even better than their Glory By Honor 10 bout. Admittedly there was some slightly indieriffic stuff in the first few minutes, including the dreaded simultaneous dropkick/ standoff spot. But the match settled down into a tremendous hard hitting contest. Towards the end some guy yells out “Kyle O’Reilly screws promoters!” – which was a tad awkward considering Davey Richards was on commentary. Edwards wins via stoppage with the Achilles Lock w/ stomps to the head for good measure at 15.47. I always think both Edwards and O’Reilly seem a lot more relaxed when they’re not wrestling in ROH, and consequently have better matches as a result a lot of the time.

B-Boy vs. Brian Cage – Hmm, this didn’t look too appetising on paper, and so it turned out in practise. It did pick up towards the end; but the first ten minutes largely consisted of the take-it-in-turns-to-do-moves-to-each-other formula. Still, the finishing stretch perked things up a bit, with some very believable near-falls from B-Boy – no mean feat considering it was a given that Cage would go over. Which indeed he does at 17.55 with Weapon X.

Kevin Steen vs. Ricochet – The usual Steen match (how many times have I written that?) As is often the case, once Steen had finished larking about and gotten down to business, both men provided a thrilling final few minutes, with several choice nearfalls. Brian Cage ran in late on, and ate a package piledriver for his efforts. Ricochet capitalizes with a rewind-rana and a Phoenix Splash to pull off a huge upset at 15.31.

Willie Mack vs. Sami Callihan – As you’d expect, a super physical battle between these two. Callihan spends far too much time posturing between moves; you could have a tea break in the time it takes him to execute two running boot scrapes. Samuel was 0-3 before tonight, but picks up his first win at 13.24 with a succession of lariats.

Adam Cole vs. El Generico – Match of the night thus far. Anyone who saw some of Cole’s early CZW stuff knows he can be a pretty effective heel, and he makes the turn in PWG by attacking Generico from behind at the start of the match. It’s a smart move from both Cole and PWG’s point of view, as it gives him an added dimension and separates him from the white meat babyface he plays in ROH. Some awesome counters in this one; particularly when Cole countered Generico’s patented tornado DDT and dumps him on his head with a German Suplex. It looked as though Generico was going to get the win, but Cole countered the brainbuster with a small package at 11.08. What money on a Cole/ Ricochet final?

Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin – I actually thought this was slightly better than their bout in ROH at Showdown in the Sun – and as that was a MOTY candidate, this one was a bit special indeed. The ROH match felt a touch too long at 30 minutes, a fault remedied here as they packed just as much action into just under 25 mins. Elgin picks up a deserved win at 24.14 with Spin City.

Overall – a very enjoyable show, with at least three out of the eight matches worth going out of your way to see.


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