PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2012 Night 2 (2/9/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

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Sami Callihan vs. TJ Perkins – This started off at quite a nice clip; but when Sami took over it soon started to drag. Callihan has come on a lot in the past two years, but still needs some polish in my view. Interestingly Perkins is actually younger than Callihan. Age triumphs over experience here though, as Callihan counters the Detonation Kick and locks in the horse collar to make Perkins tap at 12.53.

Eddie Edwards vs. Adam Cole – This would have been an awesome match, were it not for the fact that for some reason Cole decided to do a ridiculous comedy spot halfway through which took the bout a couple of minutes to recover from. So for that reason, it gets downgraded to just very good. Cole’s heel turn in PWG continues to gather pace; and Edwards of course, can get a great match out of anyone, so when in he’s in there with someone who can actually work, it’s even better. Cole hits Edwards with a superkick to the back of the head and a straightjacket German suplex at 15.22 to advance to the semis, where he will face Callihan.

Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin – A fairly unappetising match on paper; but it turned out to be surprisingly good, and it was a shame they slightly overcooked it in the end. Had they trimmed five minutes from it, you might have been looking at a MOTY contender. But for me it ran a bit too long; although in fairness the crowd stayed with it. After an awful ref bump, Steen runs in and gives Cage the F-Cinq. Elgin hits a combination of moves that ends with Spin City and the victory at 18.03.

After the match Steen attacks Cage, which leads to a run-in by the Young Bucks. Rick Knox (!!) tries to make the save, but the Bucks beat him down too. El Generico runs in with a chair to clear the ring. Knox asks Steen and Generico to team with him to take on Cage/The Bucks in a six man tag later on in the evening. Generico says yes; Steen says get knotted.

Ricochet vs. Roderick Strong – Another solid BOLA 2012 outing. In a sense this must have been an easy match to put together; Strong tosses Ricochet all over the place, and every now and then the latter busts out an insane counter. Ricochet hits the shooting star press at 14.09 to earn himself a match with Michael Elgin.

Joey Ryan, Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly vs. B-Boy, Willie Mack & Drake Younger – So last night Richards and O’Reilly had quite a bit of heat due to the Team Bandits incident. So to try and dissipate some of that they come out for this match dressed in Ryan’s gear and imitating his gimmick. And it was pretty hilarious too. Anyone who gets irked by Richards and O’Reilly’s super-serious MMA gimmicks really ought to check this match out to see a different side of both men. Probably the best comedy match I’ve seen outside of Chikara in 2012. Willie Mack hits the Chocolate Thunder driver on Richards to get the win at 16.03.

Adam Cole vs. Sami Callihan – Fun fact: these two are very close friends in real life. Not that this had any bearing on the match, which felt rushed and lacked psychology – as a lot of Callihan matches do to be fair. Cole worked the leg of Callihan, but it was all a bit perfunctory. Cole made Callihan tap to the figure four at 10.13. At least the right guy went over.

Michael Elgin vs. Ricochet – Scorching bout between these two; very much in the same vein as Strong vs. Ricochet, only better. As you’d expect, classic big vs. little man match-up, with Ricochet getting a HUGE nearfall with a shooting star press. Elgin catches Ricochet going for a top-rope rana; gives him a powerbomb off the second, and then hits Spin City to pick up the win at 13.04.

Rick Knox & El Generico vs. The Young Bucks & Brian Cage – Man, this was a riot. The Bucks vs. Rick Knox feud has probably been one of the more compelling feuds of the year, and it came to a head here superbly. As you’d expect, Generico made most of the running, and gets beaten down for much of the first ten minutes. When he finally goes to make the tag at around the 11 minute mark, Nick Jackson pulls Knox off the apron and sends him into the ringpost for good measure. Kevin Steen makes his way onto the apron and offers his hand for the tag! Generico thinks about it for a few seconds before slapping Steen’s outstretched palm. At one point Steen and Generico look like falling out; but Knox plays peacemaker and all three hit simultaneous tope con hilos. Knox finally got to get some offence in, which was just nuts – the Violence Party to Matt, a superkick to Nick, and a top-rope tornado DDT on Matt! Steen and Generico hit their old Package Piledriver/ Brainbuster combo on Matt, and Know covered him for the pin at 18.00. Full marks to all six men – this had been a long night of wrestling at this point, but the crowd popped for just about everything they did. After the match Steen and Generico teased shaking hands; but gave each other the finger instead.

Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin – It had been a long old night of wrestling, and this one really didn’t need to go thirteen minutes. It actually started off quite well, but started to drag after the ten minute mark. Cole kicks out of Spin City; and hits a couple of superkicks and the Florida Key at 13.56 to become the 2012 BOLA winner. Regardless of the quality of the final, Cole is a worthy winner, and his heel turn gives his character a bit of depth. Elgin and Ricochet have been the other MVP’s of the weekend.

PWG champion Kevin Steen gets into the ring after the match; Cole kicks him in the balls and steals the PWG title belt. Not often someone out-heel’s Steen!

Overall – some really good stuff here; but it was a long, grueling show.


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