ROH Boiling Point (11/8/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

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In a fact totally unrelated to wrestling, the best ever episode of Casualty (for readers outside the UK, this was a drama set in a hospital ER) was entitled “Boiling Point.” Anyway. ROH returns to iPPV, with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness on commentary.

Mike Mondo vs. Roderick Strong – Mondo has apparently turned babyface on ROH TV; which I wouldn’t know as I never watch it. I might have to start though, as they seem to be doing more with it than they did when they were on HDNet. This was a cracking opener; mainly due to the fact that Mondo accidentally broke Strong’s nose with a headbutt early on, and after that the gloves came off. The only thing that hurt it was the terrible spot recycled from Brew City Beatdown where Mondo injures himself, but ‘refuses to let the referee stop the match.’ Fuck off Cornette. Strong wins with the Flying Yakuza kick at 13.16   Once again, Mondo worked his tail off.

Antonio Thomas vs. Matt Taven vs. QT Marshall vs. Vinny Marseglia – four local talents facing off here; and the winner gets an ROH contract. Thomas used to be one of the Heartthrobs in the WWE, for the record. This was pretty much the definition of a four-way indie spot fest, and whether you enjoyed it or not will be a matter of taste. Of the four I thought Taven looked like the guy I’d most like to see again, so naturally he didn’t get the win. Instead he gets pinned by Marshall at 11.07 with a version of Kenny King’s Coronation. I’ll reserve judgement on Marshall, as to be fair this really wasn’t the sort of match to get a decent view of a guy.

Adam Cole vs. Bob Evans – fucking hell, ROH have got some neck putting this on a PPV. It wasn’t that bad in fairness, but a) it should never have been booked here in the first place, and b) should it really be taking Cole ten minutes to beat Bob Evans. I’m not thrilled either with Cole being lumbered with the Figure Four as his finisher, which Evans taps out to at 10.04. If they hadn’t got anything better for Cole to do they could have bought in a Chikara guy for a one-off or something. After the match Bennett and Maria attack Cole, but Del Rey and Eddie Edwards make the save.

Michael Elgin vs. Charlie Haas – this match is preceded with a House of Truth segment where Elgin announces that he’s cashed in his SOFT title shot and will face the champion at Glory by Honor 11 (except nobody actually says GBH 11, it’s constantly referred to as “in Toronto, which is annoying). Roderick Strong announces he’s going on strike from the HOT. After sitting through this, I think I’d rather have some dental work done rather than watch another Charlie Haas singles match. The guy is just woeful. Strong reappears at ringside with a chair to cheer Haas on, and naturally ends up costing Elgin the match; he spits beer in his face and Haas rolls up Elgin and holds the trunks to get the win at 14.41. The fact that Elgin is one of the hottest wrestlers around at the moment and Haas can’t have a decent match with him says it all really.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino – man, Corino looks odd without his beard. This was fine for what it was; a tag bout that no-one will remember in a month’s time, but did it’s bit to build towards the Caged Hostility match. I must once again comment on Mark’s descent into a comedy character. There was a time when he looked like being the breakout singles star of the Briscoe’s; but those days are long gone. The Briscoes’ polish off Jacobs with the Doomsday Device at 12.44.

Tomasso Ciampa vs. Jay Lethal – 2/3 Falls – so after a fairly crap feud – which somehow resulted in Roderick Strong winning the TV title that Lethal and Ciampa had spent months fighting over – they actually had a thrilling bout at Border Wars, which would have been the perfect finale to the feud. But this is ROH in 2012, so the horse must still be flogged even after death. As with any Cornette booked 2/3 Falls match, a fall is scored right off the bat: Lethal hits the Lethal Bizzle early on, but Ciampa kicks out. The Geese of Beverly Road puts him away at 1.27 though. More significantly, Ciampa blew his knee out in the opening minute, an injury that would ultimately put him on the shelf for the rest of the year. The rest of the match was fairly blah. If it had had gone ten minutes it would have been ok; but fifteen was too long. Ciampa levelled things up at 7.56 with Project Ciampa (artfully done with one knee). After much faffing, including Nana running in to brawl with Evans and two low blows, Lethal hits the handspring Lethal Bizzle at 15.58 to take the third fall. In a way it’s fortuitous that Ciampa is out for a while, as this program with Lethal has not served his interests particularly well. Hopefully he can come back and get a decent push in 2013.

Sara Del Rey & Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Bennett & Maria – slightly odd seeing this billed as Del Rey’s farewell, as prior to this she hadn’t wrestled for ROH since April 2011. Still, before that she was a big part of the KOW stable, so played a sizeable part in ROH for a while. This did pretty much all it needed to really; indeed, Bennett looked a lot more at home in a mid-card comedy bout than he has in attempts to try and portray him as the next big thing. Edwards makes Bennett tap to the Achilles Lock at 13.05.

Kevin Steen vs. Eddie Kingston – Anything Goes – the stipulation is added just before the start of the match. This had its moments, but was hampered by a large intermission where Kingston was powerbombed through a table with the underside face up, and was carried out on a makeshift stretcher (to convey the seriousness of the situation, Cary Silken goes over to check on him – you always know it’s serious when Cary’s involved. Yes I am being sarcastic). That is, until Steen makes a crack about Larry Sweeney on the microphone; Kingston then angrily makes his way back to the ring and the match continues. Ultimately this match was hurt by the fact that no-one really thought Kingston had a chance of winning; but both men worked hard, and Kingston got to kick out of quite a bit before Steen finally put him away with the F-Cinq through two chairs at 18.43. Incidentally on commentary Kevin Kelly claimed that Kingston had found a home in Chikara after being kicked out of ROH; which is the biggest load cock ever.

During the bout Kingston had had words on the mike with a couple of fans at ringside. After the match he took a swing at said fans. At first everyone thought it was legit; then it was revealed it was a work. Either way, it seemed to me an exercise in futility; if it was legit, it just makes Steen look unprofessional; it wasn’t however, and therefore was revealed as another cack-handed attempt to make the fans boo Steen – which ain’t gonna happen. Incredibly, some prat reviewing this show said “they [Cornette and Delirious] can say they worked the fans when Gabe Sapolsky or Adam Pearce were never able to say that.” What a retard.

Overall – as a B-show, this would have been ok. But as an iPPV? Poor.


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