ROH Death Before Dishonor X (15/9/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
Under SBG, it seems that every ROH IPPV has to have a terrible subtitle that doesn’t really man anything, harking back to some of the terrible show names Gabe used to come up with. DBD 10 has “State of Emergency” after the colon. I guess it’s true in a non-kayfabe sense. The first two matches are dogged by audio difficulties; you practically can’t hear the crowd at all.Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander vs. Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs – This is a semi-final match in the tournament to crown new tag team champions. In the quarter finals, C & C beat the Young Bucks (what a scandal – I’d have kept that result quiet rather than show it in a recap before the match) while Corino/Jacobs beat the Bravados. Corino and Jacobs said that if they lost any match in this tournament they’d leave ROH, thus telegraphing the outcome. Man, ROH these days are like that guy in the Simpsons – “sometimes I think you WANT to fail!” Anyway. Early on Corino tries to do an exchange of near-falls sequence with Coleman that he might have been able to pull off ten years ago; but not at age 39. This seemed like an ok match, but with the lack of crowd noise it was hard to judge it really. Jacobs smashes a chair into Coleman’s head behind the referee’s back, and Corino hits the backdrop driver to advance at 12.15.

Tadarious Thomas vs. Silas Young – The winner of this gets a spot in this year’s SOFT. Young is such an inconsistent wrestler; he’s capable of stealing the show, but has also put on many an indifferent outing – tonight it was the latter. This must have been frustrating for Thomas, who was looking to capitalise on a storming debut at Brew City Beatdown. At least the result was right; Thomas hits a spin kick on Young to get the victory at 6.28.

ACH vs. Kyle O’Reilly – O’Reilly made the aforementioned Thomas look like a million bucks at BCB; and while this wasn’t quite as good as that match, nonetheless it was an encouraging debut for ACH. He looked sharp, and the crowd was into him. As for O’Reilly, since his heel turn he’s been one of the best things in ROH (although admittedly that’s not saying much at the moment). ACH taps out to O’Reilly’s triangle choke at 9.54.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. Rhett Titus & Charlie Haas – Whichever bright spark decided to team Haas and Titus up should be banned from booking wrestling forever. This is the other semi-final in the ROH tag team tournament: Titus and Haas beat the Guardians of Truth (i.e. The Headbangers – there’s another match that should never have been allowed to air), while the Briscoes defeated BLKOut. Shelton Benjamin is in Haas’ corner. This was a no-win situation whatever outcome occurred – the Briscoes have done everything they can in ROH, but are still hanging around as presumably they can’t get a WWE/TNA contract; while the less said about Titus and Haas the better. The match itself was ok; Haas got blown up and had to resort to a few rest-holds to get his breath back, and the Briscoes did their usual schtick. Titus got the pin out of nowhere at 10.46 when he rolls up Jay. I feel so sorry for Titus; to say that Kenny King really boned him (metaphorically speaking) would be a minor understatement.

Davey Richards comes out and cuts essentially the same promo that he did at Cage Hostility, but with addition of announcing he’d be wrestling Mike Bennett in a SOFT qualifier. If there’s a better way to get the fans sympathy back than by mentioning you have to wrestle Mike Bennett, I’d like to hear it.

Homicide vs. Jay Lethal – Not a bad bit of booking on paper; bring Homicide in to put Lethal over and build him up for his match with Steen, and the finish saw Lethal having to use multiple finishers in order to put Homicide away: thus demonstrating ‘killer instinct.’ In practise however, the match was fairly anaemic; and Lethal’s idea of ‘killer instinct’ seems to consist of wandering around sporting the same slightly puzzled look that he usually sports. After Homicide kicks out of the Geese of Beverly Road twice, Lethal debuts a new finisher – a modified DDT called the Bunk Dunk – which puts Homicide away at 13.34.

Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin vs. Irish Airborne – Why Elgin and Strong are teaming again after what happened at Caged Hostility makes no sense; but as with the Davey promo, they seem to be repeating a lot of stuff from that show here for the benefit of the IPPV audience. This is pretty much a rinse and repeat of the WGTT match, except WGTT got a lot more offense in than Irish Airborne did here. To me their current gimmick/attire just screams “trying too hard.” Strong refuses the tag on a couple of occasions, then blind tags himself in after Elgin gives Dave Christ the Spin City, and gets the pin at 8.44. What would really be a swerve in the Elgin/Strong feud is if they patched up their difficulties and both stayed in the HOT. Ain’t gonna happen mind.

Adam Cole vs. Mike Mondo – Matt Hardy does commentary on this match. This match is for the TV title, and Mondo challenges Cole to wrestle the match under “No Fear Ring of Mondo” rules. Fuck me. I like Mondo, but he does himself no favours coming out with shit like that. Incidentally the NFROM rules are basically no count out and no time limit. The match itself was ok; a few minutes too long, mainly due to all the farting out on the outside that they did to justify the no time limit. As usual Mondo tries hard, but the crowd just aren’t into him, and it may well be time for him to seek pastures new. A shame, as he’ll be an asset for any promotion that uses him regularly; but the ghost of Mikey is too much to shake in ROH. Once again, I have to protest at Cole being lumbered with the figure four as a finishing; in 2012, it’s not the sort of cutting edge finisher you want one of your top babyfaces to be using. Cole makes Mondo tap to it at 19.28. After the match Matt Hardy cuts a heel promo on Cole. What of ROH’s decision to use Hardy? The initial reaction upon hearing it was to roll to the eyes and something like “just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse….” But on further reflection, it’s not necessarily a disaster; it depends on how Hardy’s booked and how motivated he is. It looks like they’re not going to use him as a top guy, but rather, to try and get Cole over, which seems reasonable. Time will tell. Incidentally, Nigel did a superb

job with Matt on commentary; very Lance Russell-esque in how he phrased all his questions to get all the requisite answers from him.

Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino vs. Charlie Haas & Rhett Titus – There’s nothing like holding an eight team tournament to crown tag team champions and telegraphing the result. I was actually watching this and mulling over an outcome where Haas and Titus were to win the belts and then turn on Benjamin. The fact that I came with some better booking in five minutes on the sofa than guys with years of experience in the business says it all really. The match was as you’d expect; the action was mediocre, and the crowd didn’t really care. Benjamin gives Titus the Paydirt behind the referees back, and Jacobs covers him for the win at 12.25. Although having Jacobs and Corino as tag champs makes sense in the context of Steen as World Champ, it’s still slightly depressing having the 39 year old Corino as one half of the champions, especially with a few decent young teams like the Bravados/ C&C on the roster. Titus gets thumped by WGTT after the match.

Kevin Steen vs. Rhyno – No DQ – Cornette makes it a No DQ match at the beginning. Technically Steen is still a heel, but wrestles as babyface for much of the match, and I can’t say I blame him. Like most ROH title matches these days, the finish was overbooked; but it still livened up what had until the last few minutes been an average bout. At one point Steen accidentally superkicks Veda Scott, which made me laugh; maybe if she didn’t come across as an airhead interviewer only there because she’s mildly attractive I might have cared more. Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs run in, and both get gored for their trouble; Rhyno then gores the referee, presumably so he can be suspended for a while. Steen hits the F-Cinq, which naturally Rhyno kicks out of. Steen gives Truth Martini the Package Piledriver, and then Rhyno gores himself through a table. Steen hits a second F-Cinq to retain the title at 17.45. The crowd made more noise in this match than they had all evening; but it no classic by any means.

After the bell Michael Elgin comes in and stares down Steen. Corino sends Strong clattering into Elgin (Strong ran in at some point during the match, but didn’t do anything), and Elgin gives Strong Spin City to end the show.

Overall – slightly better than Best in the World or Boiling Point; but there was still a lot of dross to wade through.


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