PWG Failure to Communicate (27/10/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Uncategorized


Joey Ryan vs. Ryan Taylor – Hmmm, on paper this looks like a bit of a clunker; Ryan has been treading water in PWG for ages, while Taylor – with Cage breaking out as a singles guy and Chuckie T nowhere to be seen – is the proverbial spare one at a wedding with regards to the Fighting Taylor Boys. But the match itself wasn’t too bad; nothing amazing, but it rattled along at a decent clip. Taylor pins Ryan clean with a snapmare driver at 7.52; a sure sign that Ryan was his way out of the company.

Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin – These two had a pretty good match in ROH back in early 2011; but Elgin has come on in leaps and bounds since then. Really good match as you’d expect between two guys at the top of their game. Indeed, I’ve not seen Edwards have a bad match in 2012. Elgin hits Spin City at 16.02 to get win. (Incidentally if anyone is wondering why Elgin is wrestling twice tonight; it was supposed to be the Bucks vs. Strong/Edwards, but then Omega became available, so the card was reshuffled).

RockNES Monsters vs. Famous B & B-Boy – The Monsters may have turned heel, but their general shortcomings remain. Like many RM (and indeed B-Boy) matches, this went about five minutes longer than it needed to. Famous B slightly took the edge off his performance by landing on his head from a tope con hilo on Goodtime; Yuma rolls B-Boy up in the ring for the cheap pin at 16.12. I said earlier in the year that the Monsters were rapidly becoming makeweights in the PWG division, and this match did little to convince that their heel turn is likely to change that.

Sami Callihan vs. Davey Richards – 2012 has been a strange old year for Davey Richards. I was going to begin this review with the sentence “the rehabilitation of Davey Richards continues”, but that’s not quite right – he certainly didn’t become a bad wrestler at any stage, although his matches had become fairly formulaic. In any case, he seems to be enjoying wrestling a lot more since his tour of the UK, and he carries Callihan to a super match here. Maybe that’s a bit unfair on Callihan; but he can be very hit and miss. This was an absolute stormer though, with some choice near-falls at the end. Callihan picks up his first big PWG win (beating Willie Mack/ TJ Perkins doesn’t count) by making Richards tap to the horse-collar at 17.24.

Roderick Strong vs. Rich Swann – As another review of this DVD put it, here’s another chance for PWG to capitalise on DG:USA/ ROH being dickheads and booking guys from each promotion against each other. The match was a bit of a flop though; at times it turned into a semi-squash for Strong, and Swann seemed to be a bit under par when he did get some offense in. Strong hits All the Landslides Birds Have Ever Seen at 18.02 for only his third win in PWG of 2012.

Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack – Willie Mack has dyed his hair…I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be orange or yellow. Either way, it reminds me of that Red Dwarf episode where Holly messed with Rimmer’s hair; “but you are how you look, and I look like….a complete and total tit!” Anyway, like many a Brian Cage match, after a sluggish start this picked up steam as it went on. Towards the end a ref bump means Mack has Cage pinned with the Chocolate Thunder Bomb, but there’s no count; Cage low blows Mack, and hits Weapon X for the win at 18.01. The last eight minutes just about made up for the first ten.

The Young Bucks vs. Kenny Omega & El Generico – This is Omega’s first PWG appearance since As The Worm Turns in early 2010. As you’d expect, a tremendously compelling tag bout, with some shenanigans at the start (specifically an arm-wrestling contest between Omega and Matt), before we got down to business proper. With the crowd as hot as it was there wasn’t much that could have gone wrong with this one in truth, and the finishing stretch was textbook Young Bucks. The finish was slightly odd – two consecutive ref bumps – and it didn’t really play into the finish: MBFYB is countered, and Generico hits the Turnbuckle buster on Matt, while Omega hits a second rope What’s The Frequency Kenneth on Nick. Rick Knox, who was doing commentary, runs in to count the three at 26.11. Not sure if that was the best tag bout in PWG of 2012; but it’s certainly in the top five.

Kevin Steen vs. Michael Elgin vs. Ricochet – Probably one of the best triple-threat matches I’ve ever seen; fast-paced and gripping with tons of fun spots. There’s not much else to be said really; one of the best matches of 2012. Steen hits the Package Piledriver on top of a prone Michael Elgin to pin Ricochet at 14.09.

Overall – Another very good PWG card; but with six matches going over 15 minutes it was a bit draining at times. I know they don’t run very often and therefore try to pack as much into each card as possible; but you do need a five minute match you can ignore every now and then just to break things up.


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