CHIKARA Hot Off The Griddle (28/4/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

This was the first show of a one-day double header co-promoted with ROH. We all got excited when Chikara guys started wrestling on ROH cards; needless to say, that didn’t last beyond this show. ROH has enough stars at the moment you see. (That’s enough sarcasm – Ed.)

The Colony & Jigsaw vs. The Swarm & The Shard – Super-fun Atomicos opener, as you’d expect. A key moment in the Gekido storyline occurs on commentary midway through the match, when Quack says “did you see the way he dropped the shoulder on that arm-drag…wait a minute, I know these guys.” Quack then disappears from the commentary table. The technicos pick up the win when Soldier Ant locks in the Chikara Special on combatANT, causing him to tap at 13.32. After the match Solider Ant hits the Saluting Dive on Gekido for good measure. 

Mixed Martial Archie vs. Kobald – Is there anyone more entertaining on the indies at present than Archibald Peck? (Maybe Mike Bennett? Ed) The highlight of the match is when Archie hits Kobald with the knockout punch, and immediately starts celebrating MMA-style. The referee informs him he has to actually cover the man for the pin; but by the time he gets round to covering him Kobald has rolled onto his stomach. Archie comes off the top rope for the Cranial Crescendo: but when he lands on the mat he applies the guillotine choke, and Kobald taps at 6.45. Comedy gold. 

Mr Touchdown & Dasher Hatfield vs. Kodama & Obariyon – This was a great match in that it told the story of the dissension between Dasher and Mr Touchdown while still be an enjoyable match in itself, if that makes sense. I really hope Chikara start using the Batiri properly soon, they’ve had nothing to do for far too long. Anyway, the basic story is that Angelosetti spends most of the match being a dick, much to Dasher’s annoyance. Obariyon gives Hatfield the flying DDT on the ring apron; and while the ref is checking on both men Touchdown whacks Kodama with his football helmet to get the tainted win at 9.42. After the match Veronica comes down to congratulate Mr Touchdown, while making it clear she doesn’t have much time for Dasher. 

17 vs. Tialong – This is Tialong’s much-hyped debut as the latest graduate of the WrestleFactory. But he lasts sixty-five seconds before 17 makes him tap to a shoulder and scissor-lock combo at 1.05. Seriously, what an awesome angle to get how dangerous 17 is over. A few days later Chikara announced that Tialong’s career was over (!!!). 

Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin vs. The Young Bucks – Unfortunately Corbin was the weakest link in this one, in both kayfabe and non-kayfabe senses of the word. Probably the most lacklustre Bucks outing I’ve seen in 2012; but that says more about the Bucks than the actual match itself, which was fine. The Bucks pin Corbin with MBFYB at 10.00. 

During intermission Hallowicked is in the ring doing pictures and autographs. A guy in a Los Ice Creams mask has his picture taken, then gives Hallowicked the STO. It turns out to be Tim Donst, who applies From Dusk till Donst on Hallowicked, then steals back his Young Lions Cup. 

Tim Donst, Jacob Hammermeir & The Bravado Brothers vs. 3.0, Ultramantis Black & Hallowicked – Except Hallowicked doesn’t come out at the start following the intermission attack from Donst. Considering the talent involved this should have been better; but you might argue that this was about advancing storylines rather than the bout itself. 3.0 get beaten down for most of the match; Ultramantis makes the hot tag, but Delirious makes his way to ringside. He distracts Mantis the latter is going for the Praying Mantis Bomb on Harlem, and the rudos beat down Mantis. Hallowicked comes out and he and Donst brawl to the back; then Ultramantis brawls to the back with Delirious. Lance Bravado hits Jagged from behind with a chair, legitimately cracking his rib. Matthews is able to put the Boston Crab on Hammermeir for the tap-out at 12.13.

Kevin Steen vs. Eddie Kingston – The Grand Championship is on the line here. A bit of a curates’ egg; it wasn’t a bad match per se, but it wasn’t the stupendous brawl that we were all expecting; which might have left some people a bit nonplussed. Also Steen did his usual thing of eliciting cheers when he was supposed to be the heel, which didn’t help either. Kingston smashed his hand into the ringpost early on, and there was a lot of stuff based around the injured hand. Kingston kicks out of the F-Cinq; Steen kicks from the Backfist/ Backdrop Driver combo. Kingston goes for the backfist again, and Steen gives him a low blow for the DQ at 13.10. Shite finish obviously, but it was done to set up a rematch so at least we know we’ll be seeing this again at some point in 2012. Like I said, not a bad match, juts not what I was expecting. 

Gran Akuma vs. Chuck Taylor, Icarus & Johnny Gargano – Gran Akuma Trial Series #3 – it’s not often you get to criticise Chikara’s booking, but man, this Gran Akuma Trial Series really sucks balls. As you’d expect, Akuma spends most of the match getting beaten down only to roll up Gargano for the flash pin at 8.00. Meh. 

El Generico vs. Sara Del Rey – An utterly belting main event, no other words for it. Sara has to be one of the most underrated wrestlers in the business at the moment – and this match underscores the point I’ve made previously that she deserves better than the mid-card feud with the Batiri she’s currently lumbered with. Generico is Generico – probably the best worker in the States as things stand – and once again he has a bout which should be up there in the MOTY lists. Certainly this was the best singles bout in Chikara in 2012 thus far. Del Rey avoids the Yakuza kick in the corner, and delivers an axe kick and a piledriver to Generico to pick up the victory at 14.18.

Overall – another solid Chikara offering, with a must-see main event and a couple of other worthy outings.


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