EVOLVE 14: Generico vs. Del Sol (28/6/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
Jake Manning vs. Jon Silver – Battle of the gimmicks here, as the Man Scout take on the Wrestling Retard. To be fair, I’m more impressed with Manning every time I see him; Silver just comes across as an idiot. As opener this did what it needed to; there was quite a unique bump on the apron involving Manning giving Silver a cross between a snapmare and a cross-corner slam. Manning hits his “Better than Lethal” back-breaker/reverse STO combo; but Silver kicks out, and hits his ripcord-lungblower thingy for the win at 7.10. 

Hilariously, after the match Chuck Taylor tells Silver to leave the ring as no-one cares what he has to say anyway – and the latter does! Way to make your match-winning babyface look like a jobber. Taylor says he’s going to beat Johnny Gargano tomorrow for the OTFG belt, and then give the Swamp Monster the first title shot. That match would actually draw. 

Chuck Taylor vs. Colt Cabana – This was a bit of a strange one; for me it needed to be all comedy, or a straight match. In the end, it was an uneasy hybrid, typified by the fact Lenny Leonard was putting over Taylor’s OTFG shot during a comedy sequence. After a while Taylor started working the leg, and the match really started to drag. Eventually Taylor made Cabana tap to the cross crab at 12.42. Should have been better than it was. 

Scott Reed & Caleb Konley vs. Cheech & Mike Cruz – As usual, The Scene weren’t over in the slightest. Cheech and Cruz looked pretty good for a thrown-together tag team. The match was ok, but nothing amazing. The Scene hit That’s Ob-Scene on Cruz at 9.40; still not over. 

Tommy Taylor vs. Jon Davis – Style Battle – You’ll either view this as an absorbing scrap or a fairly sluggish big man bout, according to taste; personally I inclined towards the latter. Davis promised before the tournament started that if he lost so much as one of his three matches, he’d quit EVOLVE, which pretty much telegraphed the tournament result. He gets the victory here with 3 Seconds Around the World at 10.06. A man more cynical than I might say that Davis marks yet another of Gabe’s failed big-men pushes, but we’ll see. 

AR Fox vs. Bobby Fish – Fox won the 2011 Style Battle, while Fish beat Austin Aries in said tournament before losing to Sami Callihan. This one took a while to get going, but built to a very good climax. Not much more that needs to be said really; Fox went for the Shiranui, but Fish countered with the Fish Hook at force him to tap at 16.02 in was has to be considered a minor upset. After the match Fish talks about how he was 0-4 at one point, but is now 4-4. This did more to get EVOLVE over as a promotion than any of Lo-Ki’s promos, for the record. 

Sara Del Rey vs. Santana Garrett – This is a match to promote the upcoming debut of Shine, which is the WNW version of Shimmer. Del Rey easily squashes Garrett, pinning with the Royal Butterfly at 4.25, then asks if this is the best Shine has to offer. So to clarify: the showcase match for your new promotion is a crush match which seems to suggest the level of competition in it will be mismatched at best. Book it Gabe!

Johnny Gargano vs. Tony Nese vs. Alex Reynolds vs. Lince Dorado – Dorado is a replacement for Silas Young, who wasn’t on the show for reasons never explained. A really fun four way scramble match, in which everyone came out of looking good. Reynolds in particular needed a good showing, as despite having a 3-0 record he wasn’t remotely over at the start. Dorado and Nese hit a shooting star press and a 450 splash on Gargano and Reynolds respectively: Nese’s pin is counted at 9.35. I have to say I’m still not convinced by Nese – as I said in the EVOLVE 9 review, his agility is fantastic for a big man – but he perhaps needs to cut his high spots down so that they mean something, otherwise it can lead to “oh look, Vader did a moonsault” syndrome. After the match Nese challenges Gargano to a title match at EVOLVE 16. I guess we know who’s going over tomorrow then. 

El Generico vs. Samuray Del Sol – By far the MOTN. A lot of people are calling this Del Sol’s breakout match; granted, it is by far the best bout I’ve seen him have – but it’s with Generico, who can carry anyone or anything. I do like the look of Del Sol, but before I’m fully convinced on him I need to see him have a great match with…well, someone who’s not Generico basically. Generico hits the turnbuckle buster for the win at 16.34. 

After the bout Generico challenged Low-Ki to another match. Christina Von Eerie came out and said she had a message for Generico from Mad Blankey, which consisted of slapping him a few times. She taunted Generico for not having the balls to hit her, and ate a Yakuza kick for her troubles. (Does that not contravene the whole thing about not attacking people after the bell in EVOLVE?)

Overall – a show of two halves; the first half wasn’t much cop; but Fish vs. Fox, the 4-way and the main event are all worth a look.


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