EVOLVE 15: Gargano vs. Taylor II (29/6/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

EVOLVE ran a lovely venue last night, but tonight’s – house lights and all – looks fairly indieriffic. 

Tony Nese vs. Mike Cruz – How you view this one depends what frame of mind you’re in: you can view it as either a fun opener, or a typical indie spot-fest where everyone kicks out of everything. I still think Nese would be far better served to drop some of his high-flying stuff and emphasise his power, but he continues to try and ride both horses for now. Cruz looked ok, but is still looking for his breakout match. Nese gets the win with the 450 splash at 7.51; and reiterated his challenge to Gargano for the OTFG belt afterwards. 

Tommy Taylor (0 pts) vs. Bobby Fish (2 pts) – Style Battle 2012 Match – A solid if unspectacular outing in the Style Battle tourney. It looked as though Fish went for a power move, but couldn’t get Taylor up for it, so he applied the Fish Hook to make Taylor tap at 9.51. Fish thus advances to the Style Battle final, where he will face the winner of….

AR Fox (0 pts) vs. Jon Davis (2pts) – Style Battle 2012 Match – Very good match indeed between these two,  – using the age-old, but still effective – storyline of power vs. speed/agility. This may be the best outing Davis has had in Evolve, using his power to counter some of Fox’s signature manoeuvres. Fox goes for a prawn roll, but Davis muscles him up to hit 3 Seconds Around the World at 13.42 to advance to the Style Battle final against Bobby Fish tomorrow night. Very good bout indeed. 

Scott Reed vs. Caleb Konley vs. Lince Dorado vs. Jake Manning vs. John Silver vs. Alex Reynolds – A fun six man mayhem effort to head into intermission. Alex Reynolds is starting to impress me, but alas is garnering virtually zero crowd reaction for his efforts. There was a fun spot in the early going when Reed and Konley were both tagged in and tried to do the Finger Poke of Doom spot. Dorado picks up the win at 10.40 on Manning with a Shooting Star press. 

Cheech vs. Colt Cabana –  So much for Cheech’s singles push: he falls to Cabana here in just five minutes. Cabana hits the Chicago Skyline at 5.35 for the win. 

El Generico vs. Samuray Del Sol – An instant rematch from the main event of last night’s show. For me this was better than their first match, as there was more of a story to it: after defeat last night Del Sol had taken a lot away from the match and thus was able to counter a lot of Generico’s signature stuff. Del Sol fell victim last night to the top rope brainbuster; here he was able to counter it and hit a rewind-rana off the top to pick up the win at 16.28. Good stuff, and Generico vs. Del Sol 3 should be a cracker. 

Chuck Taylor vs. Johnny Gargano – I know that DG:USA/ EVOLVE are essentially the same company, but I’m still slightly surprised that this match is taking place in Evolve – particularly in a basketball court under house lights. A very good main event nonetheless, which you might argue was slightly spoiled by an overbooked finish. Gargano bumped the referee, and Taylor hit a low blow. He went for a belt shot, but Gargano countered with a Hurts Donut on the title. After taking out Manning with a dive to the outside, Gargano falls victim to the Awful Waffle, but kicks out. The Swamp Monster (!) then interfered, but ended up getting smashed with the belt. Taylor kicks out of a second Hurts Donut; but taps to the GargaNo Escape at 21.01. Given that this was the climax to a big feud and a OTFG title match, the Swamp Monster shouldn’t really have been involved in the finish. But even so, it was still an enjoyable bout, with some nice brawling at the start and both men countering each other’s moves. 

Overall – if EVOLVE 13 was the best show in the company’s history then this one can’t be far behind, with Fox/Davis, Generico/Del Sol and Gargano/Taylor all worth checking out.


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