PWG Mystery Vortex DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized


The gimmick (if that’s the right word) for this show was that only one match was announced beforehand (Steen vs. Cole), and everything else was a surprise on the night. The American Legion is absolutely rammed – apparently it was so full they had to move the merch table outside!

Eddie Edwards & Roderick Strong vs. The Young Bucks – Fuck me, what an opener. This was supposed to happen at Failure to Communicate, but got put back due to Omega’s last minute availability. It was well worth the wait though, as this was one of the best tag matches of 2012; sixteen minutes of insane action. Edwards and Strong look like making an insanely good team (shite name though – Dojo Bros? Really?) Strong and Edwards pick up the win with a double-stomp/Hurricane DDT combo on Matt at 14.54. On commentary Kevin Steen made the point that of all the places he’s worked, the PWG crowd just seem insanely happy to see good wrestling; a slight shot at ROH maybe? 

Sami Callihan vs. Drake Younger – Best of 3 Series: Match One – This is the sort of match that I would have loved ten years ago when I was (obviously) ten years younger; but now I tend to think it’s the sort of bout that gives the indies a bad name. I like Younger, but here he seemed to demonstrate no grasp of psychology whatsoever; and there were a lot of moves for the sake of moves – but moves that will shave years off your career, like a ridiculous flip bump off the apron following a Callihan bicycle kick. If you like hardcore matches where people kick out of loads of stuff you’ll love this; it didn’t do much for me though. Drake taps to Sami’s bodyscissors horse-collar at 17.07.

Adam Cole comes to the ring and tells Steen to “hash-tag suck my dick”. Steen comes out and tells him their match tonight will now be a Guerrilla Warfare match. 

Super Smash Brothers vs. RockNES Monsters – This is SSB’s first title defence (indeed, their first appearance) since winning the belts atThreemendous III. This was easily the Monsters best match since…probably their last match with the SSB back at Perils of Rock and Roll Decadence, which says it all really. At the time of writing this looks the Monsters final PWG match, as they weren’t entered into DDT4 2013, and there appears to be some legitimate problems between Yuma and Goodtime. For me they were ok as a card filler, but never threatened to become legitimate contenders for a tag title run. I wouldn’t mind seeing Goodtime back as a singles wrestler, as I always thought he was far the better of the two. The SSB retain at with FATALITY on Yuma at 14.25.

Joey Ryan vs. Scorpio Sky – This is Joey’s final PWG appearance, as TNA say he can’t wrestle there anymore (or rather, he can, but can’t appear on their DVD’s, which essentially amounts to the same thing) Like a lot of Ryan’s recent output, nothing amazing here (bar a stiff Moustache Ride to the outside) but given the circumstances it didn’t really need to be. Sky wins with the TKO at 11.50. A lot of people moaned that Sky went over given that he’s not a regular these days; but it ties into the fact he’s now retired Bosh, Lost and Ryan. 

TJ Perkins vs. Willie Mack vs. B-Boy vs. Brian Cage – Despite having the appearance of a randomly thrown-together midcard four-way on paper, this turned out to be a little corker, with a ton of insane spots. My own personal favourite was when TJ Perkins came off the top rope and Cage caught him in the vertical suplex position. Let me just reiterate; not catch him horizontally across his body, then lift him up – actually in the vertical suplex position! Mack comes out victorious with the Chocolate Thunder Driver on B-Boy at 13.10. This was a classic example of a match that I didn’t expect much from and blew me away: good to know wrestling can still surprise me. 

El Generico vs. Rich Swann – Swann’s PWG debut was a disappointing outing against Roderick Strong, so it makes sense to book him here against El Generico (what will promotions do now Generico is not around to rehabilitate/ carry guys anymore?). That said this was a bit of a curate’s egg of a bout, with Generico dominating the first ten minutes or so, which went against type and didn’t really work. Once Swann made his comeback though, the match really got off the ground. Generico goes over at with a crazy move that can only be described as something like a double pump-handle orange crush at 14.03. 

Super Smash Brothers vs. Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards – During intermission Excalibur announced that because SSB’s flights were expensive, they were going to wrestle twice tonight, but this match is non-title. Another cracking outing involving the champs, with Edwards and Strong heeling it up perfectly in this one. The SSB took a real pasting, but kicked out of everything, and it looked as though they were going to go 2-0 on the night; but Strong caught Player Uno with a particularly nasty All The Landslides Birds Have Ever Seen, and Edwards followed it with the top rope double stomp to get the win at 12.08. As I’ve said before, how the other indies (including Chikara to be honest) never picked up on the potential of the SSB is a mystery to me. (With ROH it was probably because they’re a super-serious promotion; which is why their tag division at the moment is seriously crap). Fortunately PWG gave them a shot (and even that was because they paid for their own flight first time!), and it’s paid off. 

Adam Cole vs. Kevin Steen – Guerrilla Warfare – A good, but not great main event in my opinion; I thought the GW match at Fear was better. There was an insane spot where Steen gave Cole a top rope Cradle Breaker through a pyramid of chairs, and the crowd popped huge for the near-fall: but for me it was one of those where I thought “he really shouldn’t have kicked out of that.” Steen then introduced a pitcher full of thumbtacks to the mat, but Cole gave him a German Suplex onto the tacks. Cole then hits a superkick and an arm-capture German suplex for the win at 21.35 to become the new PWG champion. A worthy main event in any case.

Overall – for me this was PWG’s best card of 2012


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