CHIKARA The Contaminated Cowl (29/4/12) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized


Dasher Hatfield & Mr Touchdown vs. Darin Corbin & Arik Cannon – Mixed Martial Archie joins Quack on commentary for this one. Super-fun comedy match to kick things off, including an awesome spot where Angelosetti pulls the tights of Corbin. Cannon throws in a yellow flag, and Hatfield counters with a red flag: so the referee orders a slow-motion replay. Only in Chikara. Hatfield hits the Suicide Squeeze on Corbin for the pin at 8.36; but doesn’t see Touchdown holding the leg on the outside. Veronica came out to watch at one point, and MMA got predictably flustered on commentary.

Billy Roc, Remi Wilkins & Dale Patricks vs. Sue Jackson, Tripp Cassidy & Jeremy Hadley – This is a showcase for ex-Chikara regular Billy Roc’s “School of Roc” wrestling school (Roc last wrestled for Chikara at Maximum Overdraft all the way back in 2007). Sue Jackson is actually a guy who has a kind of “evil hillbilly in a horror film” gimmick that’s actually quite good. As with most student matches, this was ok, a fair few botches as you’d expect – although ironically the biggest botch comes from the most experienced man, as Roc trips into the ring after making the hot tag. The technicos all give Hadley their finishers, culminating in Roc’s STO Driver at 11.30. Ok for what it was.

The Young Bucks vs. Jacob Hammermeir & Tim Donst vs. Kodama & Kobald vs. Hallowicked & Ultramantis Black – A rare continuity gaffe  by Chikara in that the Bucks cut a heel promo before the match only to wrestle it as babyfaces. The match itself was fun; but I can’t be the only who’s sick to death of Donst/ Hallowicked feud: enough already! Additionally this was another one of those sloppy Donst performances that leaves me baffled as why people think he’s going to be a top guy. Anyway. The Bucks take the first fall (and their second point) by pinning Kodama with the Tandem Tombstone at 5.39. The rump of the BDK focus on the Spectral Envoy, with Donst illegally choking out Hallowicked at 8.47 (that finish is getting really fucking old as well). The Bucks take the third fall and their third point with MBFYB on Hammermeir at 12.15. Spare a thought for the poor old Batiri, who were once again reduced to making up the numbers.

Sara Del Rey vs. Obariyon – So, Del Rey goes from beating Generico in the best match of the year in Chikara to jobbing to Obariyon in six minutes less than 24 hours later? Not Quack’s finest booking hour. The Batiri vs. Del Rey feud has been pants, and the sooner it ends the better. Obariyon hits the flying DDT at 5.51 for the win. After the other Batiri members come out to triple-team Sara, but Saturyne makes the save.

The Colony vs. The Swarm – An entertaining brawl, as indeed most of the Swarm/Colony affairs have been. That said the storyline needs to move forward a bit now. Soldier Ant locks the Chikara Special in on deviANT, but 17 runs in and causes the DQ at 8.33. 17 goes after Soldier Ant’s mask, and Eddie Kingston runs in, leading to….

17 vs. Eddie Kingston – This should really never have been booked, on the basis that Kingston always goes over, and they’re still in the process of building 17 up. Despite the interference of The Shard, Kingston hits the spinning backfist from nowhere to pick up the win at 5.18. After the match The Shard and 17 work over Kingston’s knee in order to get their heat back, before the Colony make the save. This one really ought to have had a DQ finish in order to keep 17 strong.

Icarus vs. Jigsaw – The last time these two met was in their epic Hair vs. Mask match back in 2006 (which was announced by Bob Saget!) This was a fun singles bout, and they continue to build Jigsaw up for his Grand Championship shot; as with the Donst match, he got to kick out of most of Icarus’ finishers before putting him away with the super-brainbuster at 11.10.

Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano vs. 3.0 – 2/3 Falls – So the Bravados cracked Jagged’s rib for him last night, which pretty much set the match up in terms of psychology. Very enjoyable main event, far better than the 3.0 vs. F.I.S.T. title change at Green Ice.       Taylor jabs Jagged in the ribs with a chair behind the referee’s back and Gargano takes the first fall at 4.09; Big Magic traps Gargano in the Boston Crab a minute later, forcing him to tap at 5.09. F.I.S.T. work over Matthews, before Jagged makes his comeback; he kicks out of a couple a big moves, including another chair to the ribs. F.I.S.T. end up using 3.0’s finisher against them, pinning Parker with The Sweet Taste of Professionalism at 16.00 to take the third fall and become the new Campeonatos De Parajes. A lot of people weren’t happy 3.0 dropped the belts in their third defence: but to be fair the only reason they got them in the first place was because Gargano got injured, so it’s a case of swings and roundabouts. Obviously it sucks that the Bravados cracked Jagged’s rib for him; but it made for an awesome bout psychology-wise, and I also liked the nod to Gargano’s back injury by having him tap to the Boston Crab. After the bout the Bravado’s come out and take the piss out of 3.0. Incidentally F.I.S.T. are the first team to hold the CDP twice (Claudio held them twice, but with different partners).

Overall – Not as good as the previous night’s Chicago show, but still a decent card of wrestling. I suspect that some of these storylines are being dragged out with the June iPPV in mind, which isn’t the best thing, but there you go.


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