PROGRESS Chapter 6 – We (Heart) Violence (31/3/13) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Uncategorized


Noam Dar vs. Dave Mastiff – This is a #1 Contenders Match for the Progress Title; as it was noted that Mastiff was neither pinned or tapped out in his title match with Ligero last month; while Dar has won his last three bouts in Progress. An enjoyable big man vs. little man match that saw Dar work over the knee of Mastiff; but the main factor in the finish was Nathan Cruz, who distracted the referee allowing Dar to hit a low blow and roll up Mastiff for the pin at 11.56.

Paul Robinson vs. MK McKinnan – A solid enough cruiserweight bout, which Robinson wins with a top rope legdrop at 7.43, which is apparently called “The Biggest Legdrop Ever.” If ever there was a better exemplar for “I really can’t be bothered to come up a decent name for my finisher”, I’d like to hear it.

 Nathan Cruz vs. Jimmy Havoc – A bit of a curate’s egg of a match; there some good stuff here, but also some not so good: for instance, an infuriating spot where, after being battered for the best part of ten minutes, Havoc does the old “come on, hit me” routine. Was it Al Snow that said when you do that you might as well be saying to everyone that wrestling is fake? (Mind, that’d be one of the few decent points Al ever made if indeed he did say it.) Cruz looks every inch a top-liner, and picks up the win here with new mainstay of British wrestling finishers, the tombstone piledriver at 14.42.

The London Riots vs. The Hunter Brothers – Weapons Match –  As with earlier, the name “The Hunter Brothers” really doesn’t smack of something that an awful lot of thought has gone into; then again, they are from Tipton. An enjoyable garbage match, the highlight of which was surely one of the Hunters executing a tope suicida while wearing a cricket helmet. After tying one of the Hunters’ wrists to the ringpost, the Riots hit Project Mayhem on the other brother to pick up the victory at 16.08.

 Mexican Eagle vs. Loco Mike Manson – comedy match. The Eagle wins after hitting Manson over the head with a Ukulele at 6.42. Meh.

Bhangra Knights vs. Eddie Dennis & Mark Andrews – I had a chance to see Dennis on an Attack Pro Wrestling card last year and was reasonably impressed. He’s still got a bit to learn psychology wise though;  a guy his size really shouldn’t be taking armdrags, and hitting a double-pump handle maneuver after you’ve been selling for five or so minutes isn’t the greatest idea either. Anyway the match itself was ok, if a touch overlong. The Knights hit a double team Samoan Drop/Neckbreaker on Dennis at 19.42.

 El Ligero vs. Ricochet – Very good main event between two of the best high flyers in the US and UK respectively. Ligero hits a Que Brada DDT on Ricochet at 18.14 to make a successful second defence of his Progress title.

 Overall – it’s always difficult reviewing these shows on disc, as from what I read they’re super-fun live, and therefore you feel a bit bad about nit-picking. A solid card of wrestling with a very good main event.


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