PWG All Star Weekend 9 Night 1 (22/3/13) DVD Review By Adam Timmins

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Uncategorized


This is an interesting weekend in terms of the overall history of PWG, as the departure of El Generico definitely felt like the end of an era; and maybe as a consequence that’s why they’ve bought a ton of guys in making their debuts on this double-shot.

Paul London vs. Kevin Steen – Remember when Paul London looked like being the future of the business? Instead he became wrestling’s equivalent of Colin Hunt (U.S. readers – YouTube this in order to get the reference). That said, at least he seems to have gotten himself in shape for this outing. London left PWG on bad terms in early 2011, but clearly they’ve patched up their differences. The first five minutes consisted of fairly forgettable comedy, but after that they had a decent match. Surprisingly, London goes over with the London Calling at 20.59. If you’re a London fan you’ll enjoy this; personally I want to see a few more solid outings from him before I start getting worked up about Paul London. On a side note, Sami Callihan does commentary; based on this and his other PWG commentary efforts, I’d say he’s not the sharpest tack in the box. (You’re just jealous he’s shagging Jessica Havoc – Ed).

The Young Bucks vs. Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano – This is Taylor’s first PWG appearance since the 9thanniversary show. I’d argue this was almost as good as their match at Chikarasaurus Rex from last year. There’s not really much else to say about this one; two tremendous teams having a tremendous match. As it was non-title a lot of people thought F.I.S.T. would go over; but in the end the Bucks hit MBFYB on Taylor at 16.27.

Eddie Edwards vs. Jay Lethal – oh dear; as anyone who reads my ROH reviews will know, I’m not a fan of Lethal whatsoever, so was none too pleased to hear PWG were flying him in. The match actually got off to a cracking start, and I was thinking I might have to write something positive about Lethal; but then he killed it by deciding to do his Randy Savage gimmick. There was also a bizarre spot where Lethal got two fans to give him an Irish Whip which ended up with him hurting himself on the apron. If this had gone fifteen minutes it might have been ok; but at over 20 it felt like an eternity. At least the right man went over; Edwards made Lethal tap to the single leg crab at 21.15. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Lethal is a decent mid-card hand, but just doesn’t have what it takes to be a top guy. Sorry kid.

A.R. Fox & Samuray Del Sol vs. Rich Swann & Ricochet – As anticipated, this one featured all sorts of high-flying craziness; pure insanity, and a must-see match. Ricochet pins Del Sol at 19.33 with the 630 senton.

Roderick Strong vs. Trent Barreta – a bit of a curates’ egg this one. For the first two thirds of the match Barreta wrestled the WWE style (which some will have you believe doesn’t exist – it must be one of those MI6 kind of “doesn’t exist”), but then in the last few minutes the match really picked up a gear. As with Lethal and Edwards, this could definitely have done with have five minutes shaved off it; it also didn’t help that it went on post-intermission when people were still trying to get their heads around the DG:USA tag. Strong picks up the victory with All the Landslides Birds Have Ever Seen at 17.05.

Michael Elgin & Brian Cage vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly – A decent enough tag outing. I know I keep saying this, but the difference between smiley-babyface Cole is ROH and heel Cole in PWG really has to be seen to be believed. As for Elgin and Cage, they’re a decent enough big man tag team, but you have to think Cage is getting a lot more out of teaming with Elgin than vice-versa. Again, this was another match could have done with losing a few minutes time-wise. Elgin pins O’Reilly win Spin City at 23.19.

Drake Younger vs. Sami Callihan – Best of Three Series: Match 3 – Guerrilla Warfare – Man, there’s been a lot of hate for this one, on the basis that it was a good old-fashioned CZW garbage match; cue many people getting on their high-horse and saying this kind of thing has no placed in PWG. My view on this sort of thing has always been that if the two guys in the ring are daft enough to be ok with doing it, then who I am I to moralise about it? I also think there’s a little bit of double standards here, as a lot of the people moaning about this were probably marking out for the Steen/Cole match that also featured chairs/ thumbtacks. The nastiest spot of the match was a fairly innocuous one; Callihan suplexed Drake onto a trash can, and the back of Younger’s head caught the edge of it, slicing him and leaving a huge flap of skin hanging off. A staple gun is used at one point; and Callihan pours salt in the wounds! I haven’t seen that spot since the early days of IWA Mid-South. Younger takes an unbelievable beating; but triumphs with the Drake’s Landing onto thumbtacks at 21.43. The idea that both men have to wrestle tomorrow night is insane. I really enjoyed this; but it won’t be for everyone.

Overall – as with many a PWG, there’s some good stuff here; but with seven matches and the shortest one clocking in at sixteen minutes, you need the requisite stamina.


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