PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 10 – Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow DVD Review By Matt Bayliss

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Above: PROGRESS champion Rampage Brown – Photo credit to Rob Brazier Jr of

Tommy End vs Mikey Whiplash

Whiplash making his Progress debut against End who was victorious on his debut at Chapter 9 against Dave Mastiff. A technical start by both men, neither able to take the upper hand. Some nice reversals and a nice spot when in a head scissors Mikey Whiplash does a head stand and uses his feet to get the crowd clapping. Both men start to hit harder but still matching one another. End hits 2 massive kicks but Whiplash replies with a brutal lariat that turns him inside out, follows up with a knee drop off the top rope but only picks up a 2. Tommy End hits some more massive kicks followed by a double stomp from the top to pick up the 3 count for the victory. Mutual show of respect from both men after the bell.

Project Ego vs Grado & Mad Man Manson

This is the first match in the Progress Tag tournament. At Chapter 9 Grado teamed with the Bhangra Knights to take on Project Ego and TBone in arguably one of the most entertaining tag matches EVER. Now teaming with another nutter this was bound to entertain. Manson came to the ring with his boots drawn on carrying some special white powder. Grado starts the match and gives Travis the run around, when Manson and Kirby get in the ring Manson calls for slow motion which him and Kirby perform amazingly, culminating with Kirby sat on the mat and Manson calls for an Indy kick, which sees him tap Kirby in the back with his foot then slap his leg, he tries this a couple of times before looking confused and Grado is in to help out but they still cant do it, even the ref has a go before Travis gets in the ring to show them how to do it – Kirby ducks but Travis instinctively hits him with a backward kick before apologising and asking Kirby why he didn’t just get up! The action goes back and forth for a little while including Manson taking his white powder and running around like even more of a mad man, before a series of rear waist locks on the outside leads to an impromptu conga around the Garage!

When all 4 men eventually return to the ring Ego hit both opponents with low blows followed by a quick roll up for the win and they progress in the tournament.

Thoroughly entertaining match that had me laughing out loud from start to finish, all 4 men are great at what they do and always entertain!

Nathan Cruz vs Doug Williams

This match was made after Cruz interfered in Williams title match at Chapter 9. As always Jim Smallman is not permitted to announce members from Screw Indy wrestling, so their associate Catherine Rose attempts to introduce Cruz but is completely drowned out in boos.

Doug goes straight after Cruz at the bell until a distraction from Rose allows Cruz to take the fight to him for a little while. When the action settles down Cruz is in control, he hits a huge suplex but misses a top rope splash, Doug fights back and the action goes back and forth but neither man can put their opponent away, some more outside interference nearly helps Cruz take the victory but Doug manages to hit the Chaos Theory and pick up the 3 for the hard fought victory.

Doug is always a pleasure to watch and its great to see more of him since his return, Cruz is great to watch and is always improving and has one of the best looks in the business.

Mark Haskins vs Adam Cole

Haskins issued an open challenge at the start of the show, wanting to prove he was the best in the business, he tried to call out any of the fans wearing DEFEND shirts and told Progress management they could send out anybody they choose.

Out comes PWG and ROH Champion Adam Cole to a huge pop from the Garage crowd.

Haskins jumps him from behind before the bell and the action spills outside before Cole takes control, beating Haskins around the arena. Haskins starts to work over the left arm of Cole and takes charge of the match, wearing Cole down. He tries to take the cheap count out victory leaving Cole beaten on the floor but he manages to make it back in at 9 and a half. Cole gets fired up and fights back, some near falls and some great innovative moves from both men – I’m pretty sure I see something new every time I see Haskins in the ring!

Finish comes when Cole hits a super kick to the back of Haskins head followed by a brain buster onto his knee to pick up the 3. Great match from start to finish and this is only the halfway point of the show!

Bhangra Knights vs London Riots

2nd match in the Tag team tournament, the only reason the previously fired Riots have been allowed this match is because the Knights requested it after the beat down they received at Chapter 9. Jim Smallman retreats to the bar for his own safety and encourages the crowd to turn their back on the Riots when they enter – with no official intro and no entrance music.

The Knights are really fired up for this and throw everything at the Riots but the size advantage takes over and RJ Singh gets worked over until he makes the hot tag to Darrell Allen who is the smallest man in the match but he comes in and cleans house, flying all over the ring putting his body on the line. Singh takes to the air too, flying out of the ring as the match descends into chaos – giving the ref no choice but to count both teams out.

The crowd hate the decision but as the fight continues all 4 men fight outside of the building. Smallman says he would love to restart the match but what can he do when there’s nobody here! Instead he books a street fight rematch for the 2nd anniversary show in March

Rampage Brown vs STIXX – Progress Championship match

Stixx earned his shot by beating the other 2 members of Team Screw on previous shows. Both men are very well matched in size, power and experience and it shows early on, with neither able to get an advantage. Some big powerful moves by both men including a Stixx superplex off the top rope but neither can put their opponent away. The fight goes outside and up on to the entrance where Stixx gets back dropped onto the stage, Brown makes it back to the ring hoping that Stixx will get counted out but the crowd move their seats to give him a more direct route back and he just makes it. Stixx mounts a comeback and hits a black hole slam and then gets Brown in his single leg crab submission hold which had defeated Haskins and Cruz previously but Brown manages to make it to the ropes to break the hold.

The finish comes when Brown manages to hit a massive piledriver an pick up the pinfall victory to retain his title.

Mark Andrews vs Paul Robinson – Natural Progression final

The winner of this match not only gets the title of the inaugural Natural Progression champion, a trophy AND a shot at the Progress title at a time of their choosing there is also a extra, special prize to be announced at the end. Both men have their tag partners cheering them on in the crowd – Robinson defeated Eddie Dennis from Team Defend on route to the final, Andrews beat Swords of Essex member William Ospreay TWICE including costing him his spot on the Progress roster.

A very technical start to the match sees reversal after reversal, neither man being kept down for long and some great high speed exchanges. The crowd are behind both guys and really into the match. Robinson starts to take control for a while before Andrews starts to fight back and begins to fly around the ring. There are some ridiculous moves – I don’t even know the names for some of them – but neither man can pick up the win. The match goes back and forth, each man matching move for move and the hits getting harder and harder, neither should be able to kick out but they keep doing it. Paul Robinson misses a shooting star press as the pace continues to pick up, Andrews goes up to the top rope with Robinson with the crowd chanting “please don’t die!” and he hits the “lakeside flip ride” (??) and picks up the win. Mutual respect after the match and the crowd are on their feet to cheer for both competitors.

After receiving his trophy they extra prize is announced that Andrews gets to choose a wrestler who was previously eliminated from the tournament to be added to next years tournament. He thinks ong and hard about it but rather than choosing his own partner Eddie Dennis he decides to give the spot to William Ospreay which is met with a great reaction from Ospreay and the crowd alike.

Conversation moves to the title shot which Andrews can have at any point, he decides theres no time like the present and wants it RIGHT NOW! Nathan Cruz comes out laughing at Andrews saying that Rampage Brown will destroy him and accepts on his behalf. Brown enters the ring in shorts and a t-shirt and physically dominates Andrews, throwing him around the ring but Andrews wont quit, Brown hits a huge sit out powerbomb but only gets 2, he repeatedly tries to pin him but he keeps kicking out. Brown gets frustrated and gets in the refs face who pushes him away – straight into an Andrews roll up for 1-2-3! Andrews wins and is the NEW Progress Champion! Eddie Dennis gets in the ring and hoists Andrews on his shoulders to celebrate with the Natural Progression trophy and the Championship staff! The crowd are going crazy celebrating until Jimmy Havoc and the London Riots hit the ring and take out Andrews and Dennis – The Riots beat Dennis on the outside and tape his wrists around the ring post while Havoc destroys Andrews with his pink steel chair!

Havoc taunts Smallman on the mic and produces a signed contract that says he can have any match, any time, any stipulation … you can see where this is going! Smallman says no he wont let him do it so Havoc continues to beat Andrews, Smallman still says no until Havoc pours lighter fluid over Andrews and he has no choice but to give in to him. Havoc isn’t finished though and demands it be Smallman who counts the pin fall, taking out the ref to again leave him with no choice. Smallman sheepishly enters the ring with security in tow and counts 1-2 … but Andrews amazingly kicks out!! Havoc hoists him up and hits a reverse tombstone into a pin and this time gets the 3 count to become the NEW Progress champion and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Before he leaves he has more choice words for Smallman and the fans, after he heads to the back Smallman is left to apologise to the fans as Andrews and Dennis are helped to the back.

Highlights of the night would have to be the amazing finish to the show, the best thing about this angle is that it seems completely real and really makes me want to hate Jimmy Havoc! Match of the night would have to be Andrews/Robinson but very VERY closely followed by Haskins/Cole. A very solid show from top to bottom again from Progress, I can certainly see why they sell out shows so quickly, and for the second show running a real sense of the next show being “must see” – if only WWE could do this sort of thing!

“This is Progress – clap clap clap clap clap”


Show opening – very funny including Glen Joseph “breaking Progress” by introducing Jazz hands! Zack Sabre Jnr announced as the new number 1 contender for the Progress Title.

Natural Progression tournament documentary – interviews with some of the competitors discussing the tournament, their opponents and what it meant to them to take part. Some interesting stuff in here and worth watching

Interviews with some of the participants – some short interviews from “Answer The 10 Count” the highlight for me being Grado who is just hilarious!


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