TIDAL Championship Wrestling ‘TIDAL Wave Tour’ – Leeds DVD Review By Matt Bayliss (@Mattmatt316)

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Marty Scurll vs The Lion Kid

Show opens in front of a jammed in and very vocal crowd, both men get good pops from the crowd. Before the action gets under way Scurll asks for the microphone, he says that a lion against a man is not a fair fight, but how about Lion Kid vs …. Lion Man and pulls out a little lion mask from his trunks, he even suggests putting the powers of good and evil together to form a tag team. Despite the mask hindering his vision the match gets under way at a fast pace, Scurll bounding around on all 4s being a lion. The crowd are really into this right away and the fast past action results in Scurll missing a cross body only to be caught by referee Chris Roberts who instinctively body slams him to the mat! A confused Marty confronts him and pushes him into the corner prompting him to remove his shirt and hit Marty with a stunner!! (Thankfully Roberts put his shirt back on after)  Scurll uses the distraction to sneak around to the other side of the ring and jumps Lion Kid from behind and takes control of the match, as he is beating Lion Kid he leads the crowd in singing “The Lion Sleeps tonight” Eventually somebody shouts out that it’s ridiculous so Scurll decides to start wrestling properly and keeps Lion Kid down with very rapid brief holds and spinning around on his back. Offence goes back and forth for a little while until Scurll hits a flurry of moves culminating in a cross face chicken wing which leaves Lion Kid no choice but to tap out.

Crowd loved the match from start to finish, and was a great show starter – not too long but plenty of action and fun to get people going.

Violet O’Hara vs Lana Austin vs Leah Von Dutch

This match was presented by British Bombshells and they had their own female ref to officiate, wearing a very revealing referees uniform! I didn’t realise how tiny Violet O’Hara was until I saw this, so the start of the match when the taller Austin and even taller still Von Dutch called for a test of strength was interesting and got a decent reaction from the crowd. Match was fairly short but each of the ladies got some moves in with some decent spots. Timing was a bit off in some instances with some little misses but otherwise a well put together match – for me Lana Austin was the standout performer, not only does she look amazing she pulled of some great moves including a German suplex into a bridge which she executed perfectly. The finish came when O’Hara hits a shining wizard on Austin, only for Von Dutch to break up the pin fall and throw her from the ring before hitting a middle rope moonsault on Austin for the 3.

Adam Cole & Mark Haskins vs Project Ego

Unfortunately Chris Roberts is back out to officiate the first half main event. Cole and Haskins come out first and get chants of “Are you twins?” They do look a lot alike! Both men started getting pops off the crowd mimicking each other. Travis and Kirby come out to a mixed reaction – as a team and between the two of them, Travis gets a load of “Sexy Travis” chants and Kirby gets upset that he isn’t getting any chants! Crowd promptly oblige with “Baldy” chants.

Haskins and Kirby kick it off and go back and forth for a while, Cole comes in to “let’s go Haskins” chants and Travis shouts “I don’t like you Haskins!!” at him, Cole mocks him saying he doesn’t even know what his name is but still doesn’t like him. Cole gets Travis in an arm lock, every time Travis acrobatically eases the hold and celebrates Cole simply locks it back in harder than before. Ego try to double team Cole, each twisting an arm then giving him a double kiss on the cheeks – until Cole ducks out and they kiss each other. A cheap shot gets Ego in charge of the match and they work over Haskins until he makes the hot tag to Cole. Cole hits a yakuza kick and a brain buster onto his knee but only gets a 2 count as Travis breaks up the pin, all four men are briefly involved until Cole super kicks Kirby straight into Haskins finisher and they pick up the victory.

After the match Haskins and Cole put on each others t-shirts and pose for the crowd.

Big Bad Dave Mastiff vs Liam Lazarus

The second half kicks off with local boy (and one to watch) Lazarus takes on Dave Mastiff.  This looked like it was going to be a quick squash match; Mastiff had considerable size advantage and simply over powered Lazarus. Lazarus did manage to up the tempo and mount some offence and get a couple of pin attempts, but when he went for a flying cross body he simply bounced off Mastiff. He tries for a sunset flip but Mastiff just sat down on his chest for a two count. Then it was all Mastiff, dismantling him with chops in every corner of the ring with the crowd chanting for “5 more times” any sign of a comeback was easily fought off. Lazarus managed to float over and tried another sunset flip, Mastiff tried to sit on him again but this time Lazarus got out of the way and started to take the fight back to Mastiff. After getting some moves in and keeping Mastiff grounded for a while it all comes to an end when Mastiff blocks a leg drop then hits him with a trio of power bombs (more “5 more times” chants) followed by a senton for the win.

Good reaction from the crowd for Lazarus after the match, I was definitely impressed with his showing, especially up against such a big, experienced opponent.

Chuck Taylor vs El Ligero

Ligero gets a great pop from the crowd with loads of “Si, Si, Si” and “Arriba” chants – anybody would think he was local to Leeds not from Mexico) Taylor flips into the ring landing on Ligeros flag which upsets him so he goes out the back and returns with a Chuck Taylor t-shirt and promptly gives it an elbow drop.

Back and forth start to the match, at one point Ligero rolls up in a ball to protect himself, a confused Taylor nudges him with his foot and he keeps rolling around the ring before kicking out at him when the chance arose. Ligero gets thrown into the corner and ends up doing a head stand on the middle turn buckle taunting Taylor. Moments later Taylor attempts the same thing but fails at several attempts, even trying to come out of the corner with a cross body but falls short of Ligero.

Taylor eventually takes charge and tries choking Ligero, first with his flag and them with his cape all the while taunting the crowd. Ligero hides under the ring but Taylor eventually catches up with him and rolls him back in before performing a slow motion flip over the ropes onto him. The fight goes outside into the crowd before Ligero hits Taylor with a flip off the stage. When the fight makes it back into the ring Taylor manages to pick up the win via pin fall when he rolls up Ligero and gets both feet up on the ropes for the illegal advantage.

Another match that the crowd really got into, both men worked hard for each other and interacted well with the crowd. First time I have properly seen Taylor and will hopefully see a lot more of him.

Colt Cabana vs Rampage Brown

Time for the main event of the evening. Cabana out to a big pop, Brown out to a flurry of boos and fans getting in his face. When referee Chris Roberts is checking the men before the match can start Cabana claims that Brown has a knuckle duster down his trunks and tries to get him to check, at one point he shouts out “if he hits me with that big one I’m done!”

After the bell Cabana tries to shoulder block Brown but fails, Brown calls him a bitch so Cabana has a little cry in the corner before challenging Brown to try to knock him down. Brown can’t knock Cabana down either, physically they are pretty well matched, the biggest difference being that Colt just wants to have fun while Brown seems fuelled by rage. Both men start duelling wristlocks one after the other until eventually Cabana grounds Brown. Colt comes off the turnbuckles but Brown rolls out of the way, Cabana lands on his feet and leaps forward to still splash Brown. Cabanas antics including making Brown dance around the ring only serve to enrage him further. Cabana motions for a GTS which in itself gets a big pop. Brown fights back and mounts some offence, he heads up top but Cabana cuts him off and puts him up on his shoulders and nails the GTS for the three count.

Overall a very fun, entertaining show featuring some top talent. Match of the night is a tough one to call, I really enjoyed Scurll/Lion Kid and the tag match – both were highly entertaining and had some great spots but I think the Ligero/Taylor match just pipped them (plus today is Ligeros birthday so seems appropriate)

Definitely a promotion I will look out for more in the future, the venue was quite small but gave a great atmosphere for the crowd that was hot all night!

You can buy the DVD or Blu-Ray right here – http://tcwrestling.bigcartel.com



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