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ACH & Tadarius Thomas vs. RD Evans & QT Marshall – You could tell Peck was going to be Marshall’s mystery partner even before he announced it on the basis he was wearing his white wrestling boots with his suit! The irony of course, is that Peck is a far better worker than Marshall, but is playing the bumbling manager here. ACH & Thomas is a decent pairing; probably a better deal for ACH than Thomas, but we’ll see how it pans out. An OK opener which the crowd enjoyed; ACH hit Marshall with the royal butterfly at 9.52. (Incidentally last year that move was called Cram for the Exam; now it’s called the Big Bang Attack). 

Shelton Benjamin vs. Mike Bennett – So this was supposed to be Benjamin vs. Haas, but the latter’s meltdown at the War show put paid to that. So Shelton has an in-ring conversation with ‘Cheeseburger’ – the ROH wrestling school student that Haas slapped about a few times. This brings Mike Bennett to the ring, moaning he doesn’t have a match. I legitimately hadn’t noticed Bennett had been gone for the past four months. Cheeseburger calls Maria a cum-guzzling gutter-slut – a nod to Christy and Carmela in the 2004 diva search – and gets punched by Bennett for his troubles. Usual lacklustre Bennett match replete with a rubbish hands-on-the-ropes pin for him at 8.58. 
Michael Elgin vs. Jay Lethal – Really good outing from both men with some nice near-falls towards the end. Lethal hits the Lethal Bizzle, but Elgin no sells it; the former then lands TGOBR and the BM Funkster, but Elgin kicks out. Lethal tries for a top-rope rana, but Elgin gives him a powerbomb off the second rope. A backfist and buckle bomb paves the way for Spin City and an Elgin win at 19.05. It’ll be interesting to see where Lethal goes from here, given that this is his second high-profile job in the space of a month. 
After the match SCUM run in and beat down both men. Corino tells ROH to send out five of their best. Thus we get….
Jimmy Rave, Jimmy Jacobs, Cliff Compton, Rhyno & Rhett Titus vs. Mark Briscoe, Mike Mondo, BJ Whitmer, Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander – Hmm, I wouldn’t exactly describe that collection of five of ROH’s best – five of their best midcarders maybe. Anyway, SCUM looked a lot stronger here than they did one week ago at WAR. During the match Caleb Seltzer was giving Corino lip on commentary, and ended up getting thrown into the barricade for his troubles. If that was supposed to get Corino heat it surely didn’t – Seltzer is such an annoying little prick I can’t be the only one who popped for that. An enjoyable brawl ends up with Rhyno goring Coleman at 11.15 to give SCUM the victory. 
During the interval they show highlights of all of Jay Briscoe’s losing title challenges. 
Karl Anderson vs. Roderick Strong – A lot of people thought this match was disappointing; I have to say I quite enjoyed it. I have to say I didn’t think much of Anderson in PWG, so naturally he went on to become a huge star in New Japan. A spirited 13 minute scrap ends with Anderson hitting the Gun Stun to pick up the win at 12.33. 
Matt Hardy vs. Matt Taven vs. Adam Cole (Elimination Match) –  This was an ok match that was hurt by a couple of things, most notably a spot where Scarlet Bordeaux gave McGuinness a lapdance at ringside; whoever booked that needs shooting, as it completely took away from everything the guys in the ring were doing. The fans also completely shit on Hardy, who I actually think has done pretty well since he came in – but I guess from a Wrestlemania weekend crowd that reaction was inevitable. Cole hits Hardy with a low blow while the referee is distracted and rolls him up for the first elimination at 10.04; after Corino interferes Taven hits the Headlock Driver (which Kevin Kelly is still calling a “modified Neckbreaker) at 11.26 to retain the TV title. The way the match was booked really didn’t do Taven any favours; he came across as an afterthought. 
reDRagon vs. The American Wolves – In many ways you might say this was a typical ROH match; virtually no psychology, a perfunctory amount of heat leading to a hot tag that you couldn’t really call a hot tag – but the action was so good, and the crowd so into it that it almost made up for it. I did think the finish was a bit naff, on the basis that O’Reilly really shouldn’t have kicked out of the double-double-stomp – the near fall killed suspension of disbelief (but then some might argue that the whole match did). Anyway, O’Reilly rolls up Richards with a handful of tights for the pin at 21.06. The fact reDRagon didn’t hit their finisher and all four men wrestle each other in singles matches tomorrow suggests a rematch will happen at some point. 
Jay Briscoe vs. Kevin Steen – Well, at one point in his career Steen was called the most unlikely Ring of Honor champion, but surely that mantle has to pass to Jay Briscoe. And I actually called it, on the basis that the match seemed such a foregone conclusion that there was no reason for it to be main eventing an iPPV unless the upset was on. The match itself was probably way better live than on disc – the OTT commentary largely ruined it, also Veda Scott getting involved in heading off SCUM was just laughable. Once again ROH nick the Chikara gimmick and all the faces come out to cheer on Jay. Matt Hardy runs in to hit the Twist of Fate on Briscoe, but Steen throws him out of the ring. Steen kicks out of the Jay Driller; Briscoe kicks out of the Package Piledriver. Briscoe hits another Jay Driller, and this time gets the pin at 18.19. As is obligatory with every ROH title change, Cary Silkin gets himself on camera as soon as possible. Naturally the crowd went nuts for the win; but Jay Briscoe isn’t World Title material, and the sooner he drops the belt the better. 
Overall – This is probably as good a card as you’re going to get from the current incarnation of ROH. Some dross at the start; but everything after Bennett vs. Benjamin mostly delivered.